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21 Parents Who Wish They Never Got Out Of Bed

Things could be worse. Way worse.

1. The parent whose kid peed in the demo toilet at Home Depot:

2. The parent who learned the hard way that they forgot to replace the bag in the diaper pail:

3. The mom who made these chocolate bananas for her kid's class party but was told they were inappropriate:

I'll bet that was an awkward conversation.

4. The dad who will be up at 3 a.m. tonight feeling guilty about this:

5. The parent who tragically mixed up "Pajama Day" and "Photo Day":

6. The exhausted mom who accidentally packed an alcoholic beverage in her kid's lunch:

Twitter: @KenzieeStrangee

Hey, at 6 a.m. Four Loko can look like an energy drink. Right, Mom?

7. The parent who had this to deal with on "laundry day":

8. The parent whose toddler got their hands on the family computer:

9. The dad who suffered this injury in the line of parenting:

10. The mom who accidentally spilled all of this hard-earned breast milk:

11. The parent who tried to make a cute animal pancake for their kid but ended up with something straight out of a horror film:

Parent: "Here's your pancake, honey."


12. The dad who wished his kid a happy birthday ON THE WRONG DAY:

13. The mom whose kid used this school project to call her out for yelling at other drivers and singing in the car.

The kid wrote: "When my mom is driving she yells at other drivers. She sings too."

14. Also, the mom whose first-grader called her out on her wine consumption:

Teacher: "What does your mom like to eat?"

Kid: "Vegetables!"

Teacher: "Wonderful! And to drink?"

Kid: "Wine! Lots of it!"

Teacher: "Oh. I see."

15. The forgetful parent who had to write this elaborate cover for the tooth fairy:

16. The parent whose toddler threw an orange marker in with the laundry:

Now everyone's clothes are spotted a glorious shade of orange.

17. The parent who needed to get their baby's car seat back into this car.

18. The parent whose kid opened the beanbag and made this mess:

19. The dad who kicked his daughter's hippity hop ball into their neighbor's tree:

Yeah, that's not coming down.

20. The parent who really wishes they ponied up for the cost of a kid's cut at the hair salon:

21. And the parent who started their day not with a protein shake but with a formula shake:

Twitter: @itworks_saam

It tastes bad and won't help their workout, but other than that it's great!

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