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    21 Kids Who Take Napping To The Next Level

    Kids really can sleep anywhere.

    1. Hanging over the arm of a couch? Not a problem.

    2. Standing up? Sure.

    3. Facedown on the carpet? Check.

    4. Facedown on the carpet while wearing shoes? Double check.

    5. On the box their blocks came in? Uh-huh.

    6. Hanging out of bed? Gladly.

    7. Between their brother's legs? Yup.

    8. On an office chair? Sure thing.

    9. On a wooden chair? With ease.

    10. Inside a laundry basket? Done.

    11. On a toilet? Certainly.

    12. Like a contortionist? Of course.

    13. How about the arm of lawn chair? Absolutely.

    14. Facedown in Lego bricks? Awesome.

    15. On a suitcase? Aw, yeah.

    16. On the stairs? Definitely.

    17. Nuzzling next to a dozing cow? Like a boss.

    18. In a bowl? Roger that.

    19. Facedown on the ground? Comfortably.

    20. Sprawled out over mom? Naturally.

    21. On a TV? You bet.