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    21 Kids Who Are Absolutely Terrible At Hide And Seek

    Dear kids: A pole makes a lousy hiding place.

    1. "...eight, nine, ten. Ready or not, here I come!"

    2. "Are you in the bathroom? Doesn't look like it."

    3. "The kitchen looks totally legit too."

    4. "Hmm. I thought for sure you'd have hid in the bedroom."

    5. "Am I warm or cold? Can you tell me that much?"

    6. "That floating Lego tub looks a little weird, but other than that everything looks normal in here."

    7. "This is so frustrating! It's like you just disappeared!"

    8. "Well, you're not outside. The only thing out there is that tree wearing a jacket and pants."

    9. "Hmmm. I wonder why all those games are out of their cubby?"

    10. "Can you make a little noise? Otherwise I'll never find you!"

    11. "Clearly, I am the only person in this room."

    12. "That's funny. I don't remember leaving that blanket standing in the middle of the room."

    13. "I'll have to put away those clothes on the bed after I finally find this kid."

    14. "That is 'if' I ever find this kid."

    15. "Hope we didn't spend too much money on that alligator toy that can stand by itself."

    16. "Funny. I don't remember this room having a lamp there."

    17. "Forget the lamp! We've got to find this kid!"

    18. "This isn't fun anymore! Just come out!"

    19. "I mean, come on! You're clearly a ninja or something!"

    20. "I don't want to play anymore! I quit!"


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