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21 Hilariously Weird Things Overtired Moms Have Done

Like going shopping with ice packs strapped to your boobs.

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4. "My son had crawled completely under his blanket in the middle of the night and left a stuffed animal where he was...."

Flickr: cogdog / Via Creative Commons

"When my sleep-deprived self went to check on him and saw a stuffed kangaroo, I woke up my husband, crying, and yelled, 'OUR SON TURNED INTO A KANGAROO!' Then I fainted. When I came to, my husband was laughing and our son was looking at me through the crib bars."

—Kyli Jo Crawford, Facebook

5. "I was so overtired that when I finally got to sleep I had a night terror that my son was stuck inside my pillow, and I had to rip it apart to save him. (He was really asleep in his bed just fine.)"

7. "I was mixing a bottle in the middle of the night when I put the water in, then the formula, and shook it up — without the top. Milk went EVERYWHERE. I don’t know who was more frustrated, me or the hungry baby."


8. "I tried to rock a pillow back to sleep. It wouldn't settle down no matter how much I shushed it and patted its back (because the baby was still crying in her crib)."

9. "My mom was holding the baby, and I had the cat in my lap. I wanted a drink, so I stood up, hoisted the cat up to my shoulder, supported his head, and carried him into the kitchen. I grabbed a soda and sat back down before I realized I could've, you know, just put the cat down on the floor."


12. "NO BOOB, MAMA!"

Flickr: icanchangethisright / Via Creative Commons

"I have a 2-year-old and a 6-month-old and we co-sleep. One night the baby started fussing in her sidecar crib. I reached over to the wrong side of the bed, grabbed the toddler, and tried to get her to latch. She was wiggling in her sleep and waking up as I did this and eventually yelled, 'NO BOOB, MAMA!' loud enough to wake the dead."

—Cortney Gail Knight, Facebook

13. "After many sleepless nights my husband and I went to Target with our 1-year-old daughter. We separated for a bit, and when we met back up I panicked and screamed, 'Where's our daughter?' I was holding her."


21. And here's a feel-good story about overtired parenting to end on:

laundrydaycarrybradshaw / Via

"Went to pick up a pizza, then got both kids back into the car and drove home. After unloading the kiddos, I couldn’t find my pizza anywhere. It was on the roof of my car, where I'd put it to get everyone buckled in! I was so excited that it hadn’t flown away and wasn’t ruined! It was the best roof pizza ever!"


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