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21 Genius Products That Will Make Traveling With Kids So Much Easier

Guaranteed to reduce whining by at least 50%.

1. A child's chair that instantly converts wheeled luggage into a travel stroller.

2. An inflatable nursing pillow that fits into your bag.

3. An ultra-small travel humidifier.

4. A high chair that clips onto the side of a table.

5. A travel mini-mobile that folds up into the palm of your hand.

6. A kid-sized — and inflatable — travel pillow that will take up very little space in your kid's bag when not in use.

7. A combination diaper bag/backpack that will keep your baby bottles insulated AND charge your wireless devices.

8. Dino finger puppets that will keep kids entertained during the doldrums of traveling.

9. Monster hand tattoos will entertain kids too — and take up even less space in your bag.

10. Wikki Stix also make good whining repellents.

11. A baby carrier that easily fits in a diaper bag.

12. A portable and compact table tennis set.

13. An on-the-go art set.

14. A portable baby gate that isn't a pain to bring on the road.

15. A wearable car seat that's small enough to fit in your kid's backpack.

16. An adapter that will turn most water bottles into a baby bottle.

17. Thieves Spray, which will quickly sanitize a not-quite-spotless restroom.

18. A snack box that is lightweight and packs easily.

19. A journal that lets kids track every step of their journey.

20. A travel childproofing kit to keep your kid safe no matter where you go.

21. And a travel crib that sets up in just 15 seconds.

Happy travels!

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