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    21 Elf On The Shelf Accessories You Need This Christmas

    Get this stuff now before your elf arrives.

    Amy Sefton/BuzzFeed

    1. This banner to hang on the day your elf returns.

    Get it here for $9.

    2. These adorable elf-sized door and mat decals.

    You'll want to tell your kids not to touch them, of course, or your elf will lose his magic. Order them here for $7.71.

    3. You can also put out this magic elf door that leads directly to the North Pole.

    Guaranteed to capture a little kid's imagination. Get one here for $25.

    4. These adorably wee baby elves.

    Side note: I hear Santa has a very generous parental leave plan for his elves. Get your baby here for $12.

    5. This little chef cookie kit.

    Outfit your elf with a chef's hat and apron as you use the included cookie cutter to make elf-shaped cookies! Order one here for $15.

    6. This letter from Santa in an elf-sized bottle.

    The letter is totally customizable — you not only can write your own personalized message, but you can put your kid on the "Naughty" or "Nice" list, too. Order one here for $25.

    7. This elf-sized sleeping bag.

    Get one here for $15.

    8. This aviator jacket and goggles.

    What did you think happens when Santa forgets a gift? It gets air mailed via elf. Order your tiny jacket and goggles here.

    9. This elf-sized Minecraft creeper head.

    Blerg. I know. But your kid will love it, so order one here.

    10. This itty-bitty crossword puzzle and pencil.

    How cute is this? Order yours here for $12.50.

    11. This Queen Elsa from Frozen dress and wig.

    Queen Elfa. Get the dress here and the wig here.

    12. This stylish winter puffer vest.

    Order one here for $14.95.

    13. This Harry Potter scarf.

    Well, elves are magical. Get one here for $10.

    14. This "Elf of the Year" pageant sash.

    Order one here for $4.

    15. This elf-sized baker's set.

    Elf cookies are the sweetest. Get the set here for $17.50.

    16. This denim jacket and sneaker socks combo.

    Order yours here for $24.90.

    17. This elf-sized Superman cape.

    It's a bird! It's a plane! It's an... elf? Order yours here for $11.

    18. These delicious looking slices of elf-sized pie.

    Get them here for $18.

    19. These elf-sized mermaid tails.

    You know this mermaid tail business is getting out of control when even elves are wearing them! Get one here for $8.20.

    20. This pet reindeer.

    Elf's best friend. Get one here for $32.95.

    21. And lastly, if for some reason you wanted to scare the bejeesus out of your kids, you could order this zombified elf on the shelf plushie.

    If you want one you can order it here, you weirdo.

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