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21 Cringeworthy Ways Kids Have Embarrassed Their Parents

Don't worry, they'll get their payback when they're teenagers.

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Reddit users recently shared the many ways their kids have embarrassed them:


3. "He had trouble pronouncing 'peanuts,' so..."

"When my son was two we started teaching him about his peanut allergy. We would point to peanuts and mixed nuts in the grocery store and say, 'Those are peanuts, you can't eat them' and 'Those are nuts, you can't eat them.' He had trouble pronouncing 'peanuts,' though, so he would go around telling people (what sounded like) 'I can't eat penis; I can't eat nuts.'"

6. "It was so embarrassing."

"My two-year-old has started yelling, 'Help!' in public when she doesn't get her way. One time in a store my husband wouldn't put her down because she was acting nutty, so she locked eyes with the nearest customer and yelled, "Help! Help!" It was so embarrassing."


9. "Somebody called the cops on her because..."

"When I was little I had a baby doll that would wail pitifully unless you turned it over on its back. I was playing with it in the car before my mom got sick of the noise and threw the doll in the trunk. When we stopped at a gas station somebody called the cops on her because they thought there was an actual baby in the trunk."


12. "When I noticed the lady in front of us..."

When I was four I was in the grocery store with my mustachioed dad. We were standing in line when I noticed the lady in front of us and cried out in my loud, squeaky voice, 'Daddy! That lady has a mustache just like you!'"


15. "He got pretty far into it before they pulled him off the stage."

"My cousin was supposed to sing an appropriate song for his fifth grade talent show, but when he got on stage he cleared his throat and sang 'Fuck The Police' by N.W.A. instead. He got pretty far into it before they pulled him off the stage."

18. "And yeah, I had to fart, so..."

"I was in Target with my nearly three-year-old and it was pretty quiet. We were on the cereal aisle and yeah, I had to fart, so I passed a little gas figuring no one was around to hear it. That's when my son yelled, 'MOMMY FARTED! HAHA! YOU FARTED!' I heard someone giggling in the next aisle over, so I dropped the cereal box and sprinted to the other side of the store as fast as possible."


19. "My hungry eight-month-old son power pulled my top down while we were walking through a mall. About twenty people saw my right boob and an old man gave me an enthusiastic thumbs up."

20. "When I scolded her she bellowed..."

"We were on the way to have a picnic lunch at the beach when we stopped at the store for drinks. We were standing in a crowded line when our daughter started picking her nose and eating it. When I scolded her she bellowed, "Well, I'm just so starving that I have to eat my boogs!"