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Updated on Jul 29, 2018. Posted on Jul 23, 2018

19 Funny And Too-Real Tweets Jimmy Fallon Read About Why People Are Single

Single and probably not ready to mingle, TBH.

1. This guy whose dating life isn't up to code:

NBC / Via

Steve Higgins, Jimmy's announcer, said (in an inspector voice): "There's rat feces in that corner...some's allowed."

2. This cat lady in the making:

Twitter: @christyshark89

Jimmy just LOL'd (and LOL'd) over this one.

3. This smooth talker:

Twitter: @wawa_iki

Jimmy said (in an awkward voice): "It's your problem now. You're going to, uh, have to walk in without, uh, holding the door."

4. This (likely) cop's daughter:

Twitter: @CareBarrett6

Jimmy said: "I love her dad; he's awesome!" Then in a "dad" voice: "Get in the car, hun. We got a live one."

5. This cereal dater:

NBC / Via

Jimmy mimed eating cereal and said: "You want some?"

6. This hungry singleton:

Twitter: @wickedclos

Steve Higgins, Jimmy's announcer, said: "But what happens when you pull up? What do you do?"

7. This super fan who is super single:

Twitter: @KT12346_

Jimmy said: "He's a good dude. I bet he would do that! I bet he'd send her a framed photo that says that!"

Turns out Chris sent a video to Katie, LOL.

8. This cake lover who actually might be a keeper:

Twitter: @alicia_baltus

Jimmy said: "I like her! I would do that. I've never thought of that!"

9. This awkward-moment maker:

NBC / Via

Jimmy said: "What?!"

10. This girl whose dating life is ruff:

Twitter: @demaskingtape

Jimmy said: "No! Don't eat dog biscuits!"

11. This guy with the handle "@MetalFanInBlack":

Twitter: @MetalFanInBlack

Jimmy said: "I want to thank Simon Cowell for sending that one in."

12. This accidental creep:

Twitter: @ringbyspringlu

Jimmy said (while gazing intensely into the camera): "Definitely a lot."

13. This guy who can no longer go to his favorite restaurant:

NBC / Via

Jimmy cringed as hard as you can cringe.

14. This (bed) spreader:

Twitter: @paigesorenson

Jimmy mimed sleeping like a starfish and said: "That's pretty awesome!"

15. This guy who has (Bru)no social life:

Twitter: @MathewAtherton

Jimmy said: "I see what you did there."

16. This test that is a bit much:

Twitter: @MathewAtherton

Jimmy (pretending to be the boyfriend) mimed throwing some karate chops.

17. This time-saving plan:

NBC / Via

Jimmy said: "Those are some hairy knees!"

18. This knockout:

Twitter: @KSchafheimer

Jimmy said: "Aww, you shouldn't be single for that!"

19. And this guy who is doomed to be Solo:

Twitter: @Annchris91

Jimmy said (in a Yoda voice): "Mmm, Pringles I must have."

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