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17 Problems You'll Only Understand If You Have A Second Kid

You love kid #2 as much as kid #1...but you're just so tired.

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5. Trying to find the motivation to take kid #2 to a live children's show.

You sat through Thomas and Friends: Live with your first kid, and though you feel like you should give kid #2 a similar experience, you really don't feel like it.

6. Having to schedule one-on-one time with kid #2 so they can get a taste of what your older kid's life used to be like every single day.


Kid #1 to kid #2: "What's that? You got to spend 20 minutes alone with mom at the supermarket? That must have been soooooo special for you."


11. Attempting — and failing — to put together a baby book for kid #2 that is as in-depth as the one you made for your first.

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You meant to do a great book for #2, you really did. But it didn't happen.


13. Trying to find someone who will babysit two kids — and who you trust to babysit two kids.

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Babysitter: "Oh, I love babysitting for you. Your little one is so easy!"

You: "Actually, we have two now. They fight a little..."

Babysitter: [runs away]