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17 Problems You'll Only Understand If You Have A Second Kid

You love kid #2 as much as kid #1...but you're just so tired.

1. Trying to get kid #2 to nap while your older kid runs around the house like a hurricane.

Flickr: valentinap / Via Creative Commons

Your older kid? No volume control.

2. Accidentally calling kid #2 by their older sibling's name.

Flickr: angryjuliemonday / Via Creative Commons

This doesn't win you any points with them, that's for sure.

3. Trying to get solo photos of kid #2 without your older kid worming their way into frame.

Flickr: anderew / Via Creative Commons


4. Having to stretch the same amount of money across two kids instead of one.


Sorry, #2. This is why so many of your clothes and toys are hand-me-downs.

5. Trying to find the motivation to take kid #2 to a live children's show.

You sat through Thomas and Friends: Live with your first kid, and though you feel like you should give kid #2 a similar experience, you really don't feel like it.

6. Having to schedule one-on-one time with kid #2 so they can get a taste of what your older kid's life used to be like every single day.


Kid #1 to kid #2: "What's that? You got to spend 20 minutes alone with mom at the supermarket? That must have been soooooo special for you."

7. Finding the energy for play sessions with kid #2.


You're pretty much always exhausted, which means play sessions last 10 minutes, tops.

8. Doing your best to keep kid #2 out of sticky spots when you're distracted by your oldest.

"Honey, Timmy fell in the toilet again!"

9. Not going up the wall while dealing with sibling rivalry.

Ladies and gentleman, meet Kid #2 and his Furious Fists!

10. Trying to tell kid #2 one of your best jokes and having your older kid ruin the punchline.

Comedy Central

11. Attempting β€” and failing β€” to put together a baby book for kid #2 that is as in-depth as the one you made for your first.

Gruffi / Getty Images

You meant to do a great book for #2, you really did. But it didn't happen.

12. Laying awake at night feeling guilty.


Your brain is like, "Kid #1 was speaking a lot more than kid #2 at this point. It's because you haven't read to him as much as you read to kid #1!"

13. Trying to find someone who will babysit two kids β€” and who you trust to babysit two kids.

Universal Pictures

Babysitter: "Oh, I love babysitting for you. Your little one is so easy!"

You: "Actually, we have two now. They fight a little..."

Babysitter: [runs away]

14. Trying not to be outsmarted by kid #2, who is extra crafty thanks to troublemaking lessons from your older kid.

15. Having to wrangle kid #2 at your older kid's dance class, soccer practice, or swim lesson.

Flickr: chirag / Via Creative Commons

You try to entertain your bored little one, but tantrums are pretty much unavoidable.

16. Doing what you can to slow down how fast it all flies by.


With two kids you're so busy your kids grow up before you know it.

17. Trying to handle how much you love yet another little munchkin.

Flickr: 48090400@N05 / Via Creative Commons

Who knew there was so much love to go around?

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