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19 Rookie Mistakes Parents Make

Your baby won't remember any of this... You hope.

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1. Buying too many newborn diapers.

Flickr: pyjammy / Via Creative Commons

Babies grow so much faster than you realize that it's all too easy to have stacks of unused newborn diapers even after your baby has entered the next stage.

4. Letting your baby play with your phone without putting it on guided access.

Flickr: littlebiglens / Via Creative Commons

It'll take less than five minutes for your baby to delete all of your apps, take 137 photos of the floor, and text "Scdbkbvewvltk.bvw;" to your boss.


12. Putting a recently potty-trained kid into the car without first making them go to the bathroom.

This leads to you playing a fun game where you either a) find a bathroom in 30 seconds, or b) see your kid do an impression of the boy in Billy Madison.


15. Not letting other people help you.


You're paranoid with your first baby, but eventually you realize that most of the people who want to help you have a lot more parenting experience than you do.