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19 Rookie Mistakes Parents Make

Your baby won't remember any of this... You hope.

1. Buying too many newborn diapers.

2. Using the too-small diapers on your baby anyway.

3. Clipping the tip of your baby's finger when trying to cut their nails.

4. Letting your baby play with your phone without putting it on guided access.

5. Letting your toddler push the shopping cart.

6. Buying a designer diaper bag.

It may look great, but when you try to fit diapers, wipes, toys, snacks, and a whole lot more into it, you realize you should have gone with a bag with more space inside.

7. Getting pregnant because you didn't realize that breastfeeding isn't a foolproof form of birth control.

8. Poking your sleeping baby to make sure they're breathing.

9. Laying your baby down on the bed for just a minute.

10. Forgetting to pack your baby a change of clothes.

11. Holding your baby in the air after a feeding.

12. Putting a recently potty-trained kid into the car without first making them go to the bathroom.

13. Forgetting to put a wipe on your baby’s penis during a diaper change.

14. Leaving a drink within arm's reach of your baby.

15. Not letting other people help you.

16. Staying up late for no good reason after your baby has gone down for the night.

17. Buying way too many baby clothes.

18. Accidentally hitting your baby's head on a door frame when carrying them into their bedroom.

19. Leaving home and then realizing you didn't bring enough diapers.

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