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19 Places That Will Make Your Kid's Dreams Come True

They'll probably make your dreams come true, too.

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1. Harry Potter Platform 9 3/4 Shop in London, England

Located in King's Cross Station, the very train station Harry himself used to get to Hogwarts, this magical store sells wands, spell books, authentic Hogwart's uniforms and everything else your little wizard could ever want.

3. The Curious George Store in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Fans of the famously inquisitive monkey will love the world's only Curious George store. Check their website to learn about story time events and when George himself will be dropping by.

Storefront | Dolls | Books


7. Junibacken in Stockholm, Sweden

This museum and children’s theater dedicated to the work of Swedish author Astrid Lindgren allows kids to jump into the world of her unforgettable creations like Pippi Longstocking.

Exterior | Slide | Interior | Pippy


8. Babyland General Hospital in Cleveland, Georgia

Visitors watch "mother cabbages" give birth to Cabbage Patch dolls delivered by a team of nurses and doctors. Parents might find the experience surreal, but kids love it, especially if they're allowed to adopt one of the dolls.

Nurse | Doctor | Sign