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19 People Who Have Most Definitely Been Fired By Now

Their bosses: "Can I see you in my office please?"

1. Whoever accepted this return:

2. Whoever applied this price tag:

3. Whoever placed the pattern like this:

4. Whoever sold this ticket:

5. Whoever doesn't know what a "triangle" is:

6. Whoever put these billboards side by side:

7. Whoever packed these boxes:

8. Whoever designed this poster:

9. Whoever delivered this:

10. Whoever tried to one-up the Beatles:

11. Whoever painted these directions:

12. Whoever this guy is in Men Without Hats:

13. Whoever chalked this field:

14. Whoever painted this wasp:

15. Whoever made this cheeseburger:

16. Whoever put out this sign:

17. Whoever designed this Baymax balloon:

18. Whoever stocked these Game of Thones books:

19. And whoever made this "action hero Vin Diesel":