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    19 Parents Who Are Having A Way Worse Day Than You

    Things could be worse. Much, much worse.

    1. The parent whose toddler got their hands on the family computer:

    2. The parent who told their kid they could have "just one":

    3. The parent of these kids who used the popcorn maker:

    4. The parent whose partner bought their kid this:

    Keith Szilagyi / Flickr: 40719622@N06

    5. The parent who had to explain this to the clerk:

    6. The parent who left out this bag of flour:

    7. The parent trying to water the plants:

    8. The parent whose son got his hands on their iPhone:

    9. The parent whose son tried to cut his own hair:

    10. The parent who just bought this new couch:

    11. The parent who tried to take a nap:

    12. The parent who just wanted to enjoy the game:

    13. The parent who let their daughter "try" the camera:

    14. The parent whose kids decided to feed the dogs:

    15. The parent who really hoped Dr. Phil could help:

    16. The parent who had her hands full:

    17. The parent whose kid took a marker to the family dog:

    18. The parent whose kid played ball in the house:

    19. And this parent whose skateboarding lesson didn't go nearly as well as he hoped:

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