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    19 Parents Who Are Barely Surviving Having Their Kids Home For The Summer

    "Now what?" — kids on the fourth day of summer break.

    Ah, summer! That glorious time for everyone except parents whose kids are home EVERY. DAMN. DAY.

    If you're one of those parents, A) Godspeed, and B) Some very funny parents are right there with you:


    I hate when I've been at home with my kids for 2 months for summer break and it's actually only been 2 weeks.


    Me tucking the kids in at 9 PM: Remember to sleep in, it's summer and the sun rises very early The birds at 4 AM: WAKE UP KIDS ITS TIME TO PARTY


    SUMMER BREAK WEEK 1 Kid: Can I have a popsicle for breakfast? Me: No, absolutely not. SUMMER BREAK WEEK 2 Kid: Can I have a popsicle for breakfast? Me: After you eat your real breakfast. SUMMER BREAK WEEK 3 Kid: What’s for breakfast? Me: Popsicles.


    "It rubs the lotion on its skin or it doesn't get the hose again." - Me trying to get my kids to wear sunscreen during summer


    It’s that weird time of day when I realize the kids are out of school for the summer, but it's too early to start drinking.


    [phone] Me: I’m looking forward to summer, spending more time with the kids! 3yo: Hey mommy, wanna play a game I made up? Me: Ok 3yo: It’s called Cheese Slap! Me: I changed my min- 3yo: *slaps me in the face with a piece of cheese* [phone] My Mom: You were saying?


    Instructor: Welcome to our Summer with Kids Preparedness class. Our first lesson is how to apply sunscreen. Everyone grab an angry raccoon.


    If you think Twitter has tons of people craving attention & validation allow me to introduce you to kids doing tricks in a swimming pool.


    5-year-old: We never do anything fun. Me: I just took you out for ice cream. 5: We never do anything fun twice in a row.


    If you're wondering how awesome my summer break is going, my kid just found a harmonica.


    Now what? -Kids on the 4th day of summer break


    We are one day into summer break... The house is trashed The wifi is off indefinitely The kids wont speak to me This is normal right?


    I'm sending my kids to a free summer camp program called GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY.


    Kids being home for summer break is really going to put a damper on all my lunch time bean flicking


    My friend has this super-organized itinerary for her kids this summer that includes things like, “Berry picking” and “Shakespeare in the park,” and I’m over here like, “Here’s a hose and a bucket. See ya in a few hours.”


    My kids are trying to start a fire in the basement by rubbing legos together, so if anyone wants to hang out, I'm free for the summer.


    After a long, hard winter, my kids like to take advantage of the beautiful summer weather by playing computer games in the basement all day.


    It's summer & I can't get the neighbors' kids out of my house, so I told them a black widow is hiding & I haven't seen them since Saturday.


    When I think I can't take it anymore I just remind myself that it's only 1,692 hours till school starts again.

    You can do this! August is getting closer (slowly) every day!