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    27 Kids' Birthday Cake Fails That'll Make You Go, "Nailed It!"

    Maybe serve pie next year.

    1. This cake that puts the "ew" in Pikachu:

    ohhrhonda / Via

    2. This Belle cake that's a real beast:

    http://kylie.b.barry / Via

    3. This Ariel cake that is seriously flounder-ing:

    4. And this cake that DOES looks like Elsa...but a few seconds after a Thanos's snap.

    dmconnors2 / Via

    5. Speaking of Thanos's snaps, look at this not-so-incredible Hulk:

    shittyartmuseum / Via

    6. And this Barbie cake that looks more like Gamora:

    borak_d / Via

    7. Then there's this interpretation of Star Wars' Princess Leia:

    aly_gory / Via

    8. This "excited" Yoda:

    9. This R2-Don't:

    starswarstrainer / Via

    10. And this BB...not great:

    shabyt / Via

    11. There's this Hello Kitty cake that looks like she's flipping you the bird:

    mdeniseph / Via

    12. This poorly built Minecraft cake:

    notoriousage / Via

    13. This Pinkie Pie with a penis cake:

    beastm0de7 / Via

    14. This Lego man who looks like he's had too much Thanksgiving turkey:

    messylifemessylove / Via

    15. This "Egyptian cat" that might need to be flushed:

    confused_astronaut / Via

    16. This porcupine cake that's an IRL nightmare:

    perthzakugirl / Via

    17. And this Garfield cake that not even Jon Arbuckle could love:

    britwrights / Via

    18. There's this Mario cake that isn't super:

    iamrsimm / Via

    19. This green mushroom that maybe looks more like broccoli:

    trybeforeyoubuy / Via

    20. And this Kirby that didn't quite nail it:

    itsjustnate_45 / Via

    21. There's this frightening Easter Bunny cake that's staring straight into your soul:

    22. This sunburned Mickey Mouse:

    jonwasleske / Via

    23. This Buzz Lightyear as rendered by Picasso:

    cakesandacrumb / Via

    24. This SpongeBob SquarePants on acid:

    spidermonkeyyoda / Via

    25. This not-quite-adorable Dora the Explorer:

    cannuck_k8 / Via

    26. This Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cake with extra mutant:

    photogrl79 / Via

    27. And these Peppa Pig cakes you'll need to shield your kid's eyes from:

    laughoutloudalways01 / Via

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