19 Of The Funniest Things Kids Have Ever Said

Out of the mouth of babes comes some pretty crazy stuff.

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Reddit users shared the funniest things they've ever heard a kid say:

10. "When I was little my dad told me Jesus was there with us in the room. I didn't understand, so I asked, 'Daddy, are you Jesus?' He laughed and said no. Still confused, I then asked, 'Daddy, am I Jesus?'"

14. "I used a basketball pump needle to clean weed resin out of a pipe the day before a neighbor kid asked to borrow my ball pump. As he pumped his ball he said, 'Hey! This smells like my uncle Joe's house!'”

19. "Our toddler threw his spoon on the floor and said, 'I want a fuckin' knife.' My wife and I were shocked until we realized he was actually saying, 'I want a fork and knife.'”