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    19 Hilarious Christmas Pranks That Will Put You On The Naughty List

    Mariah voice: "All I want for Christmas is (to prank) you."

    1. "Invite" someone unexpected to your Christmas morning.

    ingloriousmusic / Via

    Dress up a cardboard cutout (one of Steve Buscemi is hard to beat) and leave it by the tree to be discovered at daybreak.

    2. Spin the wheels of whoever is making Christmas breakfast.

    sharperimage21 / Via

    Warning: You shouldn't expect an extra slice of bacon (or any bacon) after doing this.

    3. Wrap a gift card in a really, really big box.

    4. Give someone a nice pair of "loaf-ers."

    ajguerra7_ / Via

    When they say thanks you can reply, "It was the yeast I could do."

    5. Kid prank #1: Put a gingerbead man in bed next to your sleeping kid.

    lucybishop2012 / Via

    You'll know your kid is up when you hear the screams.

    6. Kid prank #2: Do this to a kid who always wakes up on Christmas morning desperate to sprint to the tree.

    laurabrannigan / Via

    Is this a lot of work after wrapping presents late into the night? OF COURSE! But nobody ever said achieving pranking glory was easy.

    7. Parents are prime for the pranking, too — this one is perfect for those with little kids who get up at the crack of dawn on Christmas morning.

    Twitter: @Stephen13George

    "Coffee... need coffee... NOOOOOO!"

    8. Prove that "batteries not included" isn't so bad after all.

    curious__soul / Via

    9. Present this to the geeky college kid in your life.

    10. Troll anyone who has Beats by Dre on their wishlist.


    11. Replace the chocolates in a box of Ferrero Rocher with Brussels sprouts.

    melborsato / Via

    12. Wind up your outer space obsessed friend by giving them this collectible moon rock.

    For extra points let it slip a few days early that you got them an authentic moon rock. You know, just to build up the anticipation. Get it here for $9.99.

    13. Make anyone who passes your home do a double take.

    A dummy + old clothes + Christmas lights + a ladder = pranking glory.

    14. This snowman is sure to turn heads, too.

    15. Cover a gift with endless zip ties.

    redbankplaza / Via

    Two hours later: "A scarf? All of that for a scarf?"

    16. Give a gift that takes someone on an emotional rollercoaster.

    17. Write "from Satan" instead of "from Santa" on a gift tag.

    Twitter: @IEatPomegranate

    Ideal for the easily offended member of your family.

    18. Put googly eyes on family portraits and then wait for someone to notice.

    Twitter: @mlheien

    This is especially good when you have lots of people coming over for Christmas.

    19. Give the gaming kid in your life this "Extreme Chores" video game.

    It's actually just a gift box that you can put a kid's REAL gift inside. Get it here for $6.90.

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