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19 Hilarious Christmas Pranks That Will Put You On The Naughty List

Mariah voice: "All I want for Christmas is (to prank) you."

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1. "Invite" someone unexpected to your Christmas morning.

ingloriousmusic / Via

Dress up a cardboard cutout (one of Steve Buscemi is hard to beat) and leave it by the tree to be discovered at daybreak.


6. Kid prank #2: Do this to a kid who always wakes up on Christmas morning desperate to sprint to the tree.

laurabrannigan / Via

Is this a lot of work after wrapping presents late into the night? OF COURSE! But nobody ever said achieving pranking glory was easy.


12. Wind up your outer space obsessed friend by giving them this collectible moon rock.

For extra points let it slip a few days early that you got them an authentic moon rock. You know, just to build up the anticipation. Get it here for $9.99.


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