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    Updated on Oct 31, 2019. Posted on Oct 26, 2019

    19 "Giving Birth To A Baby" Tweets That Are Hilariously Real

    "I can’t believe I pushed a whole ass baby outta me. Like I DID THAT."

    1. The anticipation can be a lot:

    The slow realisation that over the next few weeks this baby is gonna come out is starting to terrify me! Welp! #givingbirth

    2. And when the time DOES come, you sometimes have to do a little something extra to get labor started:

    Mommy danced to Beyonce for about an hour and a half straight and contractions finally started coming stronger. FINALLY.

    3. But when the contractions come, they COME:

    Contractions are still at 7 min apart but holy mother of god they are painful. I was not prepared. You mamas are bad asses.

    4. And speaking of contractions:

    Who called it contractions and not birthquakes?

    5. They don't let you really eat until you deliver, which isn't fun:

    Soooooo hungry. Gotta get this baby out then they will feed me real food😂😭 #inlabor #ouch

    6. But when the baby comes, you finally get to eat and there are a LOT of options (or at least there were at this mama's hospital...was your hospital menu like this?!):

    Here’s the menu! #hospitalfood is wow!!!😲so many choices. I ended up having all that #yummy congee as she’s on clear fluids only from here till delivery. #pregnancy #highrisk #inlabor #baby #happening #laboranddelivery #birth #birthing #firsttimemom

    7. You have to deal with your partner, too, and they don't always take it as seriously as they should:

    Being a Dad isn't just about eating a huge bag of gummy-bears as your wife gives birth. It means being comfortable with the word hero.

    8. Like, it's not the time for funny filters, people:

    My cousin’s wife is in labor and this is what he sends me lmao I know she’s pissed

    9. Honestly, they're lucky you can't get out of the bed:

    baby coming soon, playing elite battles in the delivery room on hospital wifi The grind truly stops for nothing

    10. And then there are the partners who ARE. THERE. FOR. YOU, and it's a bit much:

    Imagine you're giving birth and your husband is doing a PowerPoint 😂

    11. Most of the time, though, you're glad that they're there to support you in their own way:

    PUSH IT: This Texas couple sang Salt-N-Peppa's "Push It" while in the delivery room, waiting for their third child to be born. Their a cappella rendition went viral, and baby Alaya was born just minutes later

    12. Just make sure they can handle it:

    He is the husband that wanted to be in the delivery room with his wife! 🤣

    13. Sometimes people just waltz into the room when they shouldn't:

    Don’t go into the delivery room if you weren’t invited in the first place!! 🗣

    14. Really, you should get to say who comes in and who doesn't:

    I couldn't have my dad in the delivery room while I'm giving birth with my legs spread open n alla that, naaaa😶

    15. And you should be able to set your own schedule (within reason...and that reason is The Bachelor):

    im ashamed to say my sister is in labor and already dilated to a 6 but we talked the nurse into not checking her from 7-9 so we could watch the bachelor

    16. Despite all the craziness, you're totally up to the task:

    17. Because women are seriously badass:

    Giving birth is insane and the fact that women ever do it without medication, which I absolutely did not do, should make only women qualified for things like the military service and space travel.

    18. And while your partner might be more ready to immediately repeat the magic of childbirth than you...

    My husband is over here like “pregnancy is magical!!!! Let’s have 3 more.” Okay you were chowing on chips while I was in labor screaming. Bye Jake.

    19. the end of the day, you have every right to be seriously, seriously proud of yourself:

    I can’t believe I pushed a whole ass baby outta me. Like I DID THAT 😭🥺❤️

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