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19 Dangerous Things Kids Used To Do That Would Not Be OK Today

How are we all still alive?

There's no denying it — kids used to do a LOT of unsafe things that would NOT be okay in 2019.

Yesterday, #DidAsAChildButDangerousNow trended on Twitter, and — oh, man — it got a whole lot of people talking about the crazy stuff they did as kids. Here are some of the most cringe-inducing:


#DidAsAChildButDangerousNow Went to the park.. With proper slides.. #huge


Ride on the handlebars of someone's bike as we went whizzing down a giant asphalt hill!? No helmets. Craziness. #DidAsAChildButDangerousNow


#DidAsAChildButDangerousNow putting the water bottle or soda bottle cap inside my mouth


As a kid we rode in the back of the truck, even cops drove by and didnt even bat an eye! #DidAsAChildButDangerousNow


Rode in the backseat of a station wagon facing the cars coming right at me! #DidAsAChildButDangerousNow


This is a perfect time to tell u about two games my bf told me he played with his friends. 1 is the hammer game, where they were all on the trampoline together and one of them would THROW A HAMMER ONTO IT AND THEYD HAVE 2 DODGE IT AS IT SPUN IN THE AIR #DidAsAChildButDangerousNow


Second is the scissors game...where they THREW SCISSORS AT A FAN and every boy had a pillow with which they had to block either their face or torso...they had to pick #DidAsAChildButDangerousNow


Stair sledding. 🤣 #DidAsAChildButDangerousNow


if anyone played popcorn on the parachute or anything with the scooters #DidAsAChildButDangerousNow


Bike riding without a helmet. Out in the neighborhood. Unsupervised. With no cell phone. Told to return when the sun went down. #DidAsAChildButDangerousNow


Held on to a sled tied to the back of my dad's truck doing spin outs on ice😬🤪🙃 #DidAsAChildButDangerousNow


Doing back flips off the swing #DidAsAChildButDangerousNow


Riding the playground carousel at the speed of vomit. #DidAsAChildButDangerousNow


#DidAsAChildButDangerousNow i used to go door to door for school fundraisers and just fully GO INTO STRANGERS’ HOUSES while they looked through the catalog??????? what the fuck. every time i think about it i am more what the fuck over it.


#DidAsAChildButDangerousNow Lawn darts


Ate raw chocolate chip cookie dough #DidAsAChildButDangerousNow


Played in the culverts under the road #DidAsAChildButDangerousNow


Did front flips off of my dresser onto my bed #DidAsAChildButDangerousNow


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