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    Updated on Aug 3, 2019. Posted on Jul 28, 2018

    19 Cringingly Funny Dads Who Have Their Own Way Of Getting Things Done

    What exactly happens to men once they have kids?

    1. Fixing a leaky burrito with a diaper? Total dad move:

    Loveswhatmatters⠀ / Via

    2. Ditto for cooling your kids' chicken nuggets this way:

    2daughterkarma / Via

    3. Only a dad would dream up this idea to stop his kids from losing the remote:

    judyjolley17 / Via

    4. And only a dad would do this instead of buying a hat:

    michaelvernong / Via

    Total dad move: Spending $100+ on a ticket, but $0 on a hat.

    5. Biting the alphabet out of pretzels? You know a dad was involved:

    u/Mashpoe / Via

    6. This plot to get a kid to eat veggies is 100% a dad move:

    daddilife / Via

    Or, at least, an epic dad prank.

    7. More dad moves? How about this dad who bought a toaster that toasted his face into bread:

    u/missmonami / Via

    8. Giving your daughter a makeover in your image is also definitely a dad move:

    u/FredFortin / Via

    9. So is trolling your kids, like this dad who "texted" his daughter after taking away her phone:

    bailee_xox / Via Twitter: @bailee_xox

    10. Speaking of troll jobs, this one should go in the Dad Hall of Fame:

    satanstamale / Via

    11. Cracking jokes at the worst possible time? #DadMove:

    12. Being embarrassing — and hilarious — in public? Also #DadMove:

    nicolaxlily / Via

    13. Remember earlier this year when there was a false report of an incoming missile to Hawaii? This dad dadded the hell out of the moment:

    14. This here...this is the work of a dad:

    foreplaypod / Via

    15. And so is this:

    athomedaddy2016 / Via

    16. Only a dad would post something like this on Facebook:

    millie_kay / Via Twitter: @millie_kay

    17. And only a dad would specially make a shirt decorated with the face of baseball's oldest player Bartolo Colon:

    Richard Rodriguez / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @jareddiamond

    18. Speaking of shirts that only a dad could buy:

    19. And lastly, struggling with that classic dad nemesis — technology — is the most dad move of all:

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