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    19 Creative And Fun Ways To Celebrate New Year's Eve With Kids

    Welcome Baby New Year with your babies.

    1. Serve up β€” yum β€” sparking cotton candy drink.

    Learn how here.

    2. Throw a "Noon Year's Eve" party.

    Charles Patch / Flickr: chuckp / Via Creative Commons

    This is great for kids who are too little to stay up until midnight.

    3. You can also celebrate the New Year with your kids when it arrives in a different time zone.

    Getty Images/iStockphoto Ilda masa

    If you live on the West Coast, for example, you can celebrate midnight in New York, and even watch the ball drop in Times Square on the East Coast cable feed. After a little celebrating you can have the kids in bed by 9:15!

    4. Let your kids bring the noise at midnight with these DIY shakers.

    They are super fun for your kids to make as they wait for the big moment. Learn how here.

    5. These sophisticated noise makers are fun to make, too, especially by older kids.

    Find out how here.

    6. Share a midnight (Hershey's) kiss with your kids.

    Flickr: branditressler / Via Creative Commons

    7. You can also "ring" in the new year with Ring Pops.

    8. Have your kids fill out time capsule questionnaires.

    Once your kids have written down things like what their favorite meal of the year was, you can store the questionnaires in a "time capsule" to be opened on the next New Year's Eve. Download the free printable here.

    9. Set up a craft station where younger kids can DIY their own party hat.

    Find the tutorial for the hat seen above (good for preschoolers on up) here.

    10. Older kids can craft something a little more elaborate.

    Find the tutorial for this party hat here.

    11. Making fireworks crowns is a blast, too.

    Find the tutorial here.

    12. You can also make fireworks rings.

    13. Play "minute to win it" games.

    You can find a number of fun, family-friendly ones here.

    14. Have a DIY balloon drop.

    Learn how make it rain (balloons, that is) here.

    15. You can also make confetti-filled balloons to be popped at midnight.

    Learn more about this, plus other ideas, here.

    16. Set up a year in review photo scavenger hunt.

    Put photos you took during the year throughout the house, then let your kids try to collect as many as possible. Afterward you can look at the photos together and reminisce about all the fun you had. Learn more here.

    17. Turn bath time into fun time.

    Learn more about how to throw a New Year's party bath here.

    18. Make "New Year's Poppers" using leftover holiday wrapping paper and rolls.

    These score extra points for being totally safe for your kids to break open at midnight. Find the tutorial here.

    19. Keep the fun going all night with New Year's Eve surprise bags.

    Every 30 minutes kids open a new bag, each of which is packed with the items needed for a different activity, from a dance party to a photo shoot. Learn more here.

    Happy New Year!