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    Jul 23, 2016

    18 Pictures That Make You Say "Literally Me As A Parent"

    Forget all of that "me as a parent" stuff — this is you.

    You've probably seen those "me as a mom/me as a dad" memes floating around where young people imagine the super cool parent they'll be one day when they have kids:

    1. Those are cute and all, but the reality is that parenting is HARD, and being cool at all times ain't easy.

    Tristar Pictures / Via Instagram: @eztvonline

    Via Eztvonline.

    2. In fact, coming up with a "cool" response is almost impossible when you're dealing with demands 24/7.

    3. There are also really hard questions that are almost impossible to answer in a cool way...if at all.


    4. You've learned that no cool quip is going to get your kids to leave when they don't want to.

    5. You know the horror of hearing this from the other room.


    6. Yep, you've been through a lot, and probably need to join this support group.

    Paramount Pictures

    7. At some point you became a grizzled and tired parent warrior.

    New Line Cinema

    8. You wish you could have some more chill when you get a few moments to yourself, but it's hard.

    9. Really, really hard.

    Robert Wise Productions

    Especially at Target, people.

    10. It's also hard to have chill when something miraculous happens — like finally getting some REM sleep.

    11. There's probably a cooler response to your kids' common core math homework than crying and drinking, but you don't know it.

    12. You've found that things you thought would be easy before kids are anything but.


    13. You know that "you as a parent" means "you dealing with nasty stuff."

    NBC / Cathy Ngo / BuzzFeed

    14. You also know that "you as a parent" means "you dealing with frustrating stuff."

    Mike Spohr and Cathy Ngo/BuzzFeed

    15. Being a parent has made you an emotional wreck when it comes to your kids...or any kids really.

    Epic/Fox/Cathy Ngo/BuzzFeed

    Your kids will call you embarrassing. But they'll understand one day.

    16. And, okay, you can worry about your kids in a way that's a little over the top and not exactly cool.


    This list includes your parents and, uh, hmm, let's see...

    17. You've had an outburst that is more "parents be like" meme than "me as a parent" meme.


    18. But in the end, while the reality of parenting is more down and dirty than you thought before kids, you wouldn't trade it for the world.

    Tristar Pictures

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