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    17 Tweets About Newborns That Will Crack Your Shit Up

    "I wasn't born yesterday." —lying newborn baby

    1. This reminder that #ParentFails start almost immediately:

    2. And they keep coming:

    3. This new-parent math:

    4. A reminder the people who come to see the baby can act a little strange afterward:

    5. Parents of colicky babies will laugh/cry at this one:

    6. Your new default when watching TV:

    7. #Truth:

    8. This 100% legit photo of Guy Fieri as a newborn:

    9. This bit of science you undoubtedly read in the baby books:

    10. Major car-seat installation flashbacks here:

    11. This one you'll giggle at when especially sleep-deprived:

    12. This legit parenting skill:

    13. This IRL nightmare:

    14. This lesson you've learned firsthand:

    15. Also this one:

    16. Feeling overwhelmed? Here's your "been there" moment:

    17. And this one that might feel true if you have an older kid:

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