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17 Funny Kids Who — Bless Their Souls — Don't Quite Get It

Kids know everything. Just ask them.

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1. This kid whose answer for #3 may not have been what the teacher wanted, but isn't wrong.

confessions_of_an_adequate_mom / Via

2. This hide-and-seek expert who says, "If I can't see you, you can't see me!"

hello_my_name_is_dad / Via

3. The kid who saw this strawberry and said, "It's having a baby, I just know it."

cassylagacy / Via

4. This kid who knew exactly how to treat her sore throat.

mrs_thomason / Via

5. This kid who thought they could drink these because they're "child wines."

angelabwillis / Via

6. This girl who feels she has a perfectly reasonable gripe with her mom.

mstagliano02 / Via

7. This kid who makes a very compelling argument against hunting.

8. This kid who knew exactly what to do when they were told to "put the pumpkin in a safe place."

wheres_jo / Via

9. This kid who thinks they understand finances.

10. This kid who firmly believes in an eye for an eye (or a poop for a poop).

amber_alert_73 / Via

11. This kid who said, "I know now. Quesadillas are made out of giraffe skin."

nonsequiturlass / Via

12. This kid who reasoned they could have Rice Krispies Treats for breakfast because... it's cereal.

torycorrine / Via

13. This kid who put their comb in the fridge before using it because they wanted a "cool hairstyle."

thanx_4_the_mammaries / Via

14. This kid who knew the best way to "put away" the toilet paper.

sfpsmom / Via

15. This kid who thought Santa could use a little extra instruction.

If you can't read it, the kid wrote: "Remember to fill this up!!!"
kiabodia / Via

If you can't read it, the kid wrote: "Remember to fill this up!!!"

16. This girl who corrected her mom by saying, "No! It's not a belt! It's a scarf for your belly."

coly_m / Via

17. And this kid who knew exactly how to show their thinking.

wakefire / Via