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17 Things You Never Imagined You’d Be OK With Before You Had Kids

Let's just say you've, uh, evolved.

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2. Being seen in public looking, shall we say, less than put together.

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The thought of going out in your pajamas might have given you nightmares before kids, but now you are tired, have a LOT to do, and basically DGAF.

3. Being totally behind on pop culture.


You're pretty much ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ about it. And besides — you HAVE seen the first five minutes of some of these shows before you started snoring on the couch.

4. Disciplining your kid in public.


In your kid’s first few years they embarrassed you in public so many times (with tantrums, whining, and potty accidents) that you don't get embarrassed anymore — especially not by a little yelling! Basically, it's now your turn to do the embarrassing.


6. Sharing your food — like, constantly.

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Before kids you may have been all, “Joey doesn’t share food!” But now you’ve grown used to little vultures (aka your kids) picking over your meals.

7. Eating cold food.


Making sure everyone in your family is happy (“Can I have more milk please?” “Do we have ketchup?” “My foot hurts!”), before you finally sit down means your meal has to wait for you way longer than you'd like.


9. Being totally cool with going to bed at 9 p.m. on a Friday night.

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Do you feel a little bad you’re not on "the scene" anymore? Sure, but not so bad that you’re going to stop hitting the hay early after a rough day with the kids.

10. And, on a related note, rarely being able to make it to parties that start after ten p.m.


In fact, these late-starting parties have probably started to annoy you. And you are well aware of how old you sound when you go, “A party that starts at 10 p.m.? What’s wrong with these people? Why not go all out and start at 3 a.m.? I mean, really!” 😂

11. Having no problem whatsoever handling poop.


After changing a few hundred diapers poop no longer holds any power over you. You've also probably "caught" throw-up. (I put "caught" in quotes because no one ever really catches it).

12. You're also totally cool with letting your kid spit out something nasty into your hand.


When you saw this before you were like, “I’m never having kids!” Now you just shrug and wipe it into a napkin.


16. Posting less-than-flattering photos of yourself online because your kid looks cute in them.

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You know what is surprisingly hard? Getting someone to snap a photo of you WITH your kid! So you post what you got, and if you look bad in it, well, whatever.