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17 Teenagers Who Make Adults Say, "What In The Hell?"

It starts with tickling buttholes and goes downhill from there.

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1. This girl whose parents clearly never gave her the old "It's not appropriate to break into people's homes and tickle their buttholes" speech.

2. These teens who pulled off this jackassery.

3. This kid who is definitely going to need a tetanus shot.

4. These teens who had a competition to see who could first finish eating an entire head of lettuce first.

The 1st Lettuce Club Meeting! CIBA students DO have a sense of humor, even as finals approach.

5. This girl who ran away from home...but only made it across the street.

sail_away_with_meee / Via

6. This kid who shouldn't be allowed to play outside unsupervised.

7. This kid who definitely made his parents regret dropping $100 on his yearbook.

8. Every teen who has ever sent an unwanted dick pic — but kudos to this girl for making lemonade out of lemons and turning the ones she gets into adorable drawings.

9. This kid who doesn't know how to dry off post shower.

10. These kids who are going to get one of themselves killed via backpack.

11. This girl who decided it was a good idea to take a blowup doll to prom.

12. This 14-year-old who needs to lose his electronics...pronto.

13. Ditto for this girl.

14. This girl whose Photoshop skills leave a lot to be desired.

15. These girls who challenged each other to see how many pens they could fit on their heads.

16. This fugitive (yes, you heard that right) who asked the authorities to use a more flattering photo of her on "wanted" postings.

17. And this kid who dabbed after getting a "D," "A," and "B."

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