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    17 Ridiculous Things Waiters Were Left As "Tips" Instead Of Money

    Waiters: "That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works!"

    1. This tipper left a million-dollar bill, which — gotcha! — was really a religious pamphlet in disguise.

    amorprincess / Via

    It's like Jesus always said, "Spread my word by conning waiters out of their hard-earned money."

    2. And this bad tipper left a fake hundo with President Obama's face on it.

    emfrazier88 / Via

    Can we use this as legal tender? Yes, we can! Wait, sorry — no, we can't.

    3. This bad tipper — instead of leaving $$$ — left this fortune.

    editemoxie / Via

    I mean, they didn't even leave the cookie!

    4. This knucklehead tipped their server with arcade tokens.

    l_boogie858 / Via

    Arcade tokens = NOT money.

    5. And this sorry excuse for a diner money.

    topiesmami / Via

    Did you get served play food, pal? No? Then tip with real money!

    6. This dude left his waitress his phone number and the note, "Hope this is better than a tip!"

    RekNepZ / Via

    Memo to this guy: It's not better, dude. Not even close.

    7. This bad tipper IRL shrug emoji.

    uhhhhlauren / Via

    Shame on you, random person. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ deserves better than this.

    8. This a-hole tipper played a prank, then tried to get all philosophical.

    Peanuts11963 / Via

    You know what's more valuable than money? The feeling of pride when you don't treat servers like trash.

    9. And this bizarre customer left their server...a condolence card.

    "Rays of sunlight will brighten your smile once again..." You know what would brighten their smile? A FREAKIN' TIP!

    10. This likely sociopath left...a ripped dollar.

    msmarisock / Via

    Who does that?

    11. And this creep thought this was appropriate to leave as a tip at the carwash.

    6oclockbandit / Via

    Let me guess — he'd bought the wrong size and needed to unload them.

    12. Then this "funny" person left a different kind of tip: "Use an umbrella when it rains."

    ayefoodie / Via

    Ha, ha! Hilarious, dude! Enjoy hell, btw!

    13. This person also left a tip of the nonmonetary kind: "Give free refills on milkshakes."

    Twitter: @RVANicole

    Free refills on milkshakes? What restaurant does that? Dubya tee eff.

    14. This bad tipper left their server...a compliment.

    prettybadboymcgee / Via

    "Sorry no change! But you had great customer service!" SERIOUSLY?

    15. And this "broke college student" excuse.

    andshedanced / Via

    Hold up now. You can't order a $14 Super Crunch Roll and then whine you're broke.

    16. This customer tipped their server with...weed!

    theweighinpodcast / Via

    While this is more appreciated (and valuable) than the play money or condom, servers still want — you guessed it — actual money!

    17. And then this person who doesn't understand how things work inverse amount of their meal's cost.

    ayefoodie / Via

    That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works!

    Remember, folks — people in these jobs rely on actual tips to survive. If you won't do it for them, do it for the children!

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