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    Here's Why Parents Need To Shut Their Dumb Mouths About Being Tired

    Boo hoo. Get over it.

    1. "Getting ready in the morning cannot be THAT much harder with kids."

    2. "And I'm sorry, but like how much cleaning up after your kids is there, really?"

    3. "Okay, so you have to pick up a toy or two. Big whoop."

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    4. "Parents say their family's laundry is tiring too. But how much more can there be? Kids clothes are small!"

    5. "I've even heard parents complain about eating out with kids! Um, how is having someone else cook for you exhausting?"

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    6. "Also, if I have to hear another parent go on about how hard it is taking their kid to the supermarket, I will lose it."

    7. “You really expect me to believe getting groceries makes you tired? Groceries?”

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    8. "And then they say, 'Well, I'm tired because I have to be on alert 24/7.' And I'm like, 'What do you think your kid is going to do if you relax for five minutes?'"

    9. "Plus I'm sure parents sneak in a nap here and there."

    10. "The worst, though, is when they yawn and go, 'Sorry. The baby was up all night.'"

    11. "I seriously doubt a little baby could be that much of a problem."

    12. "But if it is, they should just co-sleep. I read an article — okay, I read the headline — about how it works wonders. So there you go, parents. I solved your problem!"

    13. "You know what else bugs me? When I ask them how their weekend went and they say it was tiring! The weekend? Really?"

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    14. "They'll even claim that traveling with kids is exhausting. So I guess going on vacation — VACATION! — is exhausting now!"

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    15. "I once even heard someone say they were tired because they took family photos. Photos! Do these parents even hear themselves speaking?"

    16. "Sometimes they're so smug, too. I'll be like, 'Why are you so tired?' and they'll go, 'You don't want to know.' Really? What could possibly be so bad?"

    17. "Seriously — get it together, parents. Your own parents must roll their eyes at you. They were NEVER this tired."