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    17 Moments That Will Make Every Parent Go, "Glad It Wasn't Me!"

    Parenting is hard enough without this crap.

    1. Imagine hurrying your soiled baby into the bathroom only to find this:

    bachisgod / Via

    2. Or having to carry this monstrosity halfway across a museum to use the family restroom:

    Nizzore / Via

    3. Imagine looking in your toddler's sock drawer and finding this pile of socks without a matching pair among them:

    4. Or showing up at the field for your kid's soccer game on Saturday morning to find someone did donuts on it:

    Reddit040 / Via

    5. Imagine pulling up to this space and finding this interloping motorcycle:

    iwanturmoney / Via

    6. Or pulling up to this space as a dad with toddlers:

    7. Imagine discovering this atrocity in your kid's bathroom:

    ixtlu / Via

    8. Or finding this bag of chips your kid insisted on opening themselves:

    FourOpposums / Via

    9. Imagine putting on Goldilocks and the Three Bears for your toddler and having Spotify cue up this next:

    jimboxiii / Via

    10. Or being at a restaurant where your kid is given a menu maze they can't actually finish:

    Grayskis / Via

    11. Imagine your kid begging for an "eggy sandwich," then not eating a single bite after you made it:

    Lady_Vulcan / Via

    12. Or having to dig around in this can of formula for the scoop:

    Jnclarke / Via

    13. Imagine your kid playing in this doctor's waiting room next to this exposed outlet:

    HonestlyCrum / Via

    14. Or living in a house with a light switch that's at just the right height for a toddler to turn on and off all day long:

    beeranden / Via

    15. Imagine opening your kid's wallet and seeing this:

    banks19 / Via

    16. Or being invited to a "Family Snow Day" where you can't bring your, uh, whole family:

    17. And finally, imagine taking your kid to learn at a library that could definitely stand to brush up on its ABCs:

    H/t r/mildlyinfuriating!

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