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17 Legit Reasons To Hate Disneyland (Don't @ Me)

More like the unhappiest place on earth, amirite?

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3. Maybe you love the app, which tells you important information like when there is a LITERAL FOUR HOUR WAIT to experience a two-minute ride.

douglas.danger / Via

"I dropped a C-note on a ticket and waited in line for four hours just to go on one ride, but it was SOOO GREAT!" — said no one ever


7. Do you love Disneyland because you have good childhood memories? If so, can you trust your lying mind? Because look at that nightmare fuel masquerading as a character.

mmathis2010 / Via

Also — it needs to be mentioned — if you click through to this girl's Instagram she says that as this photo was taken the creep yanked hard on her ponytail!


12. Maybe you love watching your cell phone's battery dwindle down to nothing as you wait and wait and WAIT!

When this happens you either have to go on a wild goose chase to find a charging station, or just stare into the distance like it's 1991 or something.

16. I haven't got it yet? Well, is it waiting for the tram at the end of the day — when you're dead tired and READY to go home?

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