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    17 People Who Screwed Up Christmas So Bad

    Some people should really sit out the holiday.

    1. Whoever made this baby Jesus ornament that looks more like a severed thumb:

    u/Blenderhead36 / Via

    2. Whoever set up this display at the mall's "meet Santa" spot:

    u/FuzzYetDeadly / Via

    3. Whoever meant to write "Santa and his helpers" but didn't proofread:

    u/Bobbybibble / Via

    4. Whoever put up these eyesore Christmas lights:

    Spontaneous23131 / Via

    5. Whoever didn't realize displaying Santas like this would be more than a little unsettling:

    u/TonyAndTea / Via

    6. Whoever was responsible for these festive lights that look like giant, floating panties:

    u/yoloaasd / Via

    7. Whoever designed this "tree" which looks like, well, you see it:

    u/maxt0r / Via

    8. And whoever designed the Santa and reindeer on this stocking to look so incredibly glum:

    u/Anthony-T38 / Via

    9. Whoever put lights on this tree without a second thought:

    u/GamingKarma / Via

    10. And whoever thought the design for the side of this bag was TOTALLY FINE:

    11. Whoever put up this decoration that looks like hair stuck around the shower drain:

    u/rjwng / Via

    12. Whoever designed this card with a very confusing inscription:

    u/animalcule / Via

    13. Whoever created these tree decorations that'd look at home in a sex shop:

    u/lowlekband / Via

    14. Whoever designed this nightmarish ornament of the usually lovable Olaf:

    u/payinthefidlr / Via

    15. Whoever was responsible for this mess (it's supposed to read "Christmas"):

    u/juanprada / Via

    16. Whoever thought putting these polar bears like this wasn't problematic:

    u/MyNameGifOreilly / Via

    17. And whoever thought sticking a rolling pin in this creepy-looking Santa's apron was a good idea and not at all disturbing:

    u/patmersault / Via

    H/T: r/CrappyDesign

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