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17 Unfortunately Named People Who Are Totally Winning At Life

Building character one letter at a time.

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1. This woman who must be the greatest cook of all time because she got someone to publish this book:

POO: "I will sign with you under one condition, that the title is—"

PUBLISHER: "Whatever you want! Just sign!"

3. This man who overcame name judgment to become a judge:


6. This man who didn't let his name stop him from becoming district manager:

His success really is awe-inspiring. I mean, just look at his resume!


10. This player who won World Series rings as a player AND a coach:

A scene from the '70s...

KIDS: "Hahahahahahaha! Rusty Kuntz! Rusty Kuntz! Hahahahahaaha!"

RUSTY: "I'll show you all! I'll win two World Series rings and then we'll see if you still laugh at my name!"

11. This basketball player who starred at Medicine Hat College:

Give all the newspaper awards to @MedicineHatNews for this.

His full name? Guilherme Crabogiale Fuck.