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    17 Epically Embarrassing Parents Who Are Legends In Their Own Time

    Bow down before these geniuses of embarrassment.

    1. This mom.... oh, this poor mom.

    2. This mom who included this not at all embarrassing note with her kid's lunch.

    3. This dad who greeted his kid's friends like this.

    tommyzoom23 / Via

    4. This mom who tried to casually text "on fleek" to her daughter.

    matayagfb / Via

    5. This dad who insisted on using a selfie stick in public.

    6. This mom who rolled up to the parent pick-up line bumping "Whoomp! (There It Is)."


    7. This mom who used her Instagram to show off her new granite countertops.

    My mom is embarrassing with her insta posts๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„

    8. This dad who altered his tattoo before chaperoning his kid's field trip.

    el_jefe_blackwd / Via

    9. This mom who was working overtime to fix up her son.

    how my mother sasses my poor brother #embarrassingmom ๐Ÿ˜•

    10. This mom who couldn't stop herself from showing up on her son's first day of work to get a photo.

    11. This dad who proudly wore this shirt in public.

    rommelrat32 / Via

    12. This mom who was loud and proud at her kid's wrestling match.

    fencing_mama / Via

    13. And this mom who made no bones about taking photos at her kid's game... lots of them.

    bgarrisonphotography / Via

    14. This mom who sent her teenager this super awkward postcard at camp.

    cookingcorps / Via

    15. This dad who pretended to breastfeed an ape.

    "Why, dad? Why?"

    16. This mom who slapped this warning on the family car when her son got his learner's permit.

    17. And this mom who sent her daughter (self-proclaimed) fire selfies.

    This did not just happen. My mom is embarrassing. #grandmasloveAEOtoo @lyndseywilly @megnwonderland @AngDello

    You go, mom.

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