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    Posted on Sep 13, 2016

    17 Kids Who Are Hilariously Confused About The World

    No, kid. Just no.

    1. Houses don't, I mean, they're not...

    2. No, you see, babies don't...

    3. And that's not what you think it is.

    jwpt10s / Via

    4. It's not that kind of arts...

    3sisters2brothers25 / Via

    5. Sorry, Jason, I think you're going to be disappointed.

    6. You too, kid, because that's not an actual job.

    invitation_to_play / Via

    7. No, that's not what you get paid with.

    8. Um, Santa can't bring you that, kid.

    oregonborn90 / Via

    9. No, no, no. You're still growing! See...

    jennywire / Via

    10. Where to start, where to start...

    loganlwolfram / Via

    11. You realize your teacher is an actual human, right?

    studentsaywhat / Via

    12. I mean, maybe, but that's not why there's that sticker.

    13. No, that's not — at all — how...

    kelly_lynn_911 / Via

    14. No, kid, why would that even be a movie? Why?

    annebalcom / Via

    15. I can see why you'd think that, kid, but...

    katesyface / Via

    16. I can see why you'd think that, too, but again...

    studentssaywhat / Via

    17. Wait, what?

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