17 Kid Inflicted Injuries New Parents Know All Too Well

Pound for pound kids are the most dangerous people on the planet.

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1. Yanking hair.

Once they have a grip you'll practically need the jaws of life to set your hair free.

4. Eye jabbing.

They've never taken a self-defense course, but have mastered the eye gouge nonetheless.

7. Smashing your glasses into your face.

And then they laugh and clap their hands.

8. Biting.

They don't consider it a true "win" unless they break the skin.

11. Scratching.

They know you're afraid to cut their nails and use it to their advantage.

13. Kicking you in the face as you sleep.

You may toss and turn in your sleep, but they toss, turn, and attack.

15. Leaving out Lego bricks for you to step on.

They like to play with them, but love the damage they inflict.

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