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    Posted on Oct 26, 2016

    17 Bedtime Traumas That Will Make Every Parent Say, "Stop The Insanity!"

    Go to sleep!

    1. They refuse to go to bed until ALL of their stuffed animals and toys have been tucked in for the night.

    scottca743 / Via

    2. Or they refuse to sleep until they (aka you) round up every last one of their sleep buddies.

    laullaul / Via

    3. They get a sudden burst of energy and turn bedtime into an impromptu dance party.

    nicolamac_ / Via

    4. They insist you read them a bedtime story (and then another and another and another).

    lilscupboard / Via

    5. They force you to stare at the baby monitor, holding your breath and praying they go to sleep.

    veganbec / Via

    6. Sometimes they do things you can't explain... other than to say it's not good.

    7. When you put them in bed with their sibling — hoping it will help them sleep — they turn it into a play session.

    allachka13 / Via

    Or fight session, depending on the night.

    8. They somehow get their legs through the slats as they sleep — and then wake up crying because of it.

    fisifau / Via

    9. They make you get in bed with them... and then stay awake so long that YOU fall asleep.

    10. They can't sleep until you bring them water, and then they can't sleep because they have to pee.

    11. They refuse to sleep until you finally let them sleep in your bed... leaving you no room for yourself.

    12. They make you so desperate to get them to sleep that you will try anything.

    workingoutmomma / Via

    Bouncing her upside down in a baby carrier while playing her favorite song? Check.

    13. Once you think they're down, they come back for more...

    14. Especially if they hear the siren call of the TV and come out to see what you're watching.

    christianarobb / Via

    This is why you start watching TV at night on the lowest volume possible.

    15. And they rarely...

    mommamercury / Via

    16. ...EVER...

    alymarieraley / Via

    17. ...wake up where you left them.

    drickett77 / Via

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