15 Restaurants You Do Not Want To Eat At Under Any Circumstances

    "You know what, why don't we eat at home?"

    1. The restaurant that does its food prep like this:

    2. And the restaurant that thaws its chicken like this:

    3. The restaurant that serves its chili with a bolt and screw in it:

    4. The restaurant that felt compelled to put up this sign:

    5. And — yikes — the restaurant that felt compelled to put up this one:

    6. The restaurant that has big rats running around the back:

    7. And the restaurant that has little ones out front:

    8. The restaurant where the cook sprays pesticides out front while wearing his apron:

    9. And the restaurant with this charming mirror:

    10. The restaurant that has been THROUGH it:

    11. And, well, ditto for this restaurant:

    12. The restaurant that feels the need to brag about this:

    13. And the restaurant with a server who pulls this hustle:

    14. The restaurant where the workers stand on the counter (near the food prep station) without shoes on:

    15. And the restaurant that dumps giant vats of grease down the sewer on the sly:

    H/T: /r/trashy