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    15 Memes About Making Mom Friends That Are Hilariously Relatable

    “I see you have created a tiny human. I, too, have done this.”

    1. You definitely have your idea of the perfect mom friend:

    2. But making mom friends is hard, and more than a little awkward:

    3. Make that a lot awkward:

    4. Sometimes it can feel a little like dating:

    5. In fact, like dating, you just want to meet someone:

    6. When you do finally meet a potential mom friend, you try your best to put them at ease:

    7. And, though you want mom friends, you can be your own worst enemy:

    8. Then there are the times you meet a potential mom friend, but quickly realize it's not going to work out:

    9. Eventually, though, you meet someone who clicks:

    10. And you let them in on your mom secrets:

    11. Soon you're exchanging texts:

    12. And having nights out that get a little wild:

    Me and my #momfriends before a night out.... 'Lets not drink much and be home early 2 hours later.... #freedom…

    13. But not TOO wild:

    14. You become each other's support system:

    15. And, eventually, go from mom friends to mom BFFs: