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    Mar 11, 2018

    15 Hilarious Times Kids Made Their Parents Regret Taking Them To Amusement Parks

    These kids' parents: "Why did we come here? WHY?!?!"

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most awkward/funny thing their kid ever did at an amusement park, and people, get ready to cringe:

    1. "At Disneyland's California Adventure, my friend and I were feeding our babies when her daughter screamed, 'Murphy is pooping!' Sure enough, my son had dropped his shorts and taken a massive poop in the landscaping outside the Cars ride."

    "He got some poop on his pants and underpants so we bought him new shorts and the Disney crew gave us a pack of underpants for free once we told them our story. And don’t worry — we cleaned it up."


    2. "When my sister was 3 or 4 we went to Disney World and had a character breakfast. When Winnie the Pooh walked in my sister got so excited that she ran over to him and knocked him down."

    3. "A Disney cast member asked my nephew if he was excited to see Mickey and his response was, 'Why would I be excited to meet someone in a mask?' He was three."

    Comedy Central

    4. "We took my 2-year-old to Disneyland and thought it would be cool to get a picture with Mickey Mouse. Once it was our turn, my son had the biggest smile on his face — and then, out of nowhere, he punched Mickey right on the nose. Twice."

    5. "Goofy got sick, fell down, and was trying to remove his head (the guy inside had thrown up). Security ran over and said into his radio, 'Code Red! Goofy's Down!' Our daughter, seeing this, screamed, 'They're trying to kill Goofy!'" / Via Creative Commons

    6. "At Disney World we went to the Muppets show. My 4-year-old son wasn't feeling very good, but I figured he'd just had a long day. A few minutes into the show, he threw up all over the theatre. When an employee asked if we needed anything, my son threw up on her. She then proceeded to turn around and throw up. It was horrible."


    7. "After about 20 minutes in line to meet Buzz Lightyear and Woody at Hollywood Studios, my daugther had to wait for just one more family and that was it. She'd had enough."

    8. "When I was 9, I stole Captain Hook’s sword at Disneyland and hit him in the crotch with it. For the record, the prop sword was heavy rubber. I hope he’s OK. If you were a Captain Hook who got assaulted by a kid about 30 years ago, you have my sincere apologies." / Via Creative Commons

    9. "We were in line for one of the Bug’s Life rides at Disneyland — and for the whole 20 minutes I kept asking my 3-year-old if he needed to pee. He kept saying 'no,' but near the front of the line he suddenly dropped his pants and started peeing on the man in front of us." / Via Creative Commons

    "We pointed him at a bush while apologizing profusely and offering baby wipes and hand sanitizer, then pulled his pants up and hightailed it outta there!"

    —Victoria Olson, Facebook

    10. "Took my 4-year-old on an uber-tame kiddie ride that went ever-so-slowly around in a circle. She started screaming, so the operator asked me if he should stop the ride. I said, 'No, she'll enjoy it in just a second.' But she didn't. The screaming lasted the entire ride. Got countless mother-of-the-year noms for that one."

    11. "My 6-year-old son was meeting his favorite character, Donald Duck, when he licked the costume. My husband was snapping pictures while I was picking my jaw off the floor. So gross, so germy." / Via Creative Commons

    12. "At a character breakfast at Disney World, Radcliffe (the butthead from Pocahontas) pretended to eat my breakfast and I got so upset that I screamed and kicked him in the shin. I was so distraught I almost passed out from throwing such a big tantrum."


    13. "We waited in line for 45 minutes for my 2-year-old to meet Mickey Mouse. We were literally next up when she pooped her pants. She’s not potty trained, so she was wearing a diaper, but still, she stank. We'd waited all that time, though, so we still went in. If Mickey was grossed out by the smell, he was a pro about it!"

    erre_bbi / Via

    14. "We were at Disney World at a character dining experience when my little brother, who was 4 years old, saw his favorite character, Donald Duck, pass by without stopping at our table. My little brother got up out of his chair, walked over to Donald Duck, and poked him in the rear. Then he shouted, 'I POKED DONALD DUCK IN THE HEINEY!'"

    aredheiadi / Via

    15. "When I was 6 we went to the fireworks show at Disney World where Tinkerbell flies over the crowd. I was fascinated by Tink, but when I looked up, I realized that Tinkerbell was not a woman, but a man in a Tinkerbell costume. I screamed 'MOMMY, TINKERBELL HAS A PENIS!' and started crying."

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    Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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