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It's Literally Impossible To Glance At These Brelfies And Not Look Back

Turning breastfeeding into art.

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To celebrate World Breastfeeding Week (which just ended on August 7th), mothers around the world posted breastfeeding photos they edited on the image-editing app PicsArt.

jennymax887 / Via

The results were absolutely stunning.

Molly / Via
Brelfies / Via
samanthasweet11 / Via

This type of “brelfie" — which inserts the tree of life into the photo — first went viral late last year in support of normalizing breastfeeding.

Kelly Lee / Via
amandabaye88 / Via

Amazingly, more than 500,000 women uploaded #TreeOfLife photos.

trevaallen / Via
mariavanzyl / Via

But these new photos are every bit as incredible.

abrilmcwilliam / Via

There were images from mothers of twins...

abrilmcwilliam / Via

Mothers who pump...

mariavanzyl / Via

Mothers who have done this before...

kellypackmesservy / Via

And every other kind of breastfeeding mom you can imagine, all captured in an absolutely unforgettable image.

megangribbin / Via

You can learn how to make your own #TreeOfLife photos here.

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