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100 Genius Hacks Guaranteed To Make A Parent’s Job Easier

Enough hacks to get you from birth through high school graduation.

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11. Use a straw to remove a strawberry’s stem in seconds.

Instagram: @drifabal

19. Use the envelope folds on a onesie for their intended purpose — to allow you to pull a onesie DOWN off your poopy baby instead of over their head and making a huge mess.

This is way better than getting poop in your baby’s hair, don’t you think? See a video demonstrating this hack here.


24. If your kid is afraid of monsters at night, make some “monster spray” to spray in their room before bed.

Spohr/BuzzFeed / Via Flickr: plasticcandy

The spray is really just inexpensive lavender body spray, but it will put your kid’s mind at ease — and make the room smell good!


35. Missing things you need? Set your kid loose on a scavenger hunt to find them.

Instagram: @ruby1508

Now this is how you find your lost sunglasses. Via ruby1508.


39. If you put a dryer sheet in a pan before you soak it overnight, the baked-on crust will wipe away in the morning.

Instagram: @tipsy_mommy

45. Keep your kid patient while waiting for the doctor by letting them draw on the exam table paper.

Instagram: @parenting_with_peer_review

Ask your nurse if this is okay first, of course! Via parenting_with_peer_review.

49. Use an empty wipes container to store travel snacks for your kid.

practicalparentingideas / Via

It’s the ideal size for a kid's hands — and you can even keep food cold by putting a reusable ice pack at the bottom. Via practicalparentingideas.

56. Gently stroke your baby’s face with a tissue to get them to sleep in less than 40 seconds.

Every baby is different, so yours might not respond the same way to this tissue hack. If not, try gently massaging your baby’s scalp, forehead, and belly.

64. Stash wipes and a few extra diapers in the back of your car so you can always change your baby in a pinch.

Heather Spohr/BuzzFeed

At some point you will forget to pack diapers before you leave the house, but if you’ve taken this precaution you’ll be able to survive the gaffe.

74. Pool noodles also make a surprisingly effective way to babyproof a coffee table — especially in a pinch.

Instagram: @coriathome

80. Keep your toddler entertained with a colander and some pipe cleaners.

Instagram: @mcgaritydotme

So easy, so cheap.