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    100 Genius Elf On The Shelf Ideas To Steal This Christmas

    This is your ultimate Elf on the Shelf resource.

    1. Melted Snowman Prank

    pinkpeonyhome / Via

    Let's hope that wasn't Olaf. From pinkpeonyhome.

    2. The Voice

    No one can hit a high note like an elf. From Picklehead Soup.

    3. Spa Day

    Twitter: @CaitPereira

    At the North Pole they don’t use cucumbers, they use peppermint starlight mints.

    4. Blowing Bubbles

    samourelfontheshelf / Via

    All you need is a balloon to pull this one off! From SamOurElfOnTheShelf.

    5. McDonald's

    tallystar / Via

    Did you know The Hamburglar is actually part elf? From tallystar.

    6. Jurassic Park

    TheHowardsGotElfed / Via

    Rated ELF-13 for intense scenes of dino on elf violence. From The Howards Got Elfed.

    7. Painting The Elf-fell Tower

    elfingaround / Via

    Those are some cultured looking elves. From elfingaround.

    8. Elf Vs. Elsa

    Zachary Jaydon / Via Twitter: @zacharyjaydon

    Way harsh, Elsa. FYI, this one will either thrill or horrify your kid.

    9. Peas On Earth

    samourelfontheshelf / Via

    That is one punny elf. From SamOurElfOnTheShelf

    10. Titanic

    But instead of “I’m the king of the world!” they yell “I’m Santa!”

    11. Eyelash Extender

    kimpoyser / Via

    These really make his eyes pop. From KimPoyser.

    12. The Nutritionist

    spotofteadesigns / Via

    Elf diabetes is a rarely discussed epidemic. From Spot of Tea Designs.

    13. Stilts

    tricia_flinn / Via

    Practicing for the elf circus. From tricia_flinn.

    14. Knife Thrower

    annymalla / Via

    Something tells me this elf isn’t too sharp. From annymalla.

    15. Enjoying Some Schweddy Balls

    christmaself_2017 / Via

    Your kids might not know WTF is happening here, but adult fans of Saturday Night Live will find it pretty damn funny. From christmaself_2017.

    16. Thirsty Little Elf

    peachyparade / Via

    Fun fact: Elf legs can behind backwards AND forward. From Peachy Parade.

    17. Playing Pie Face!

    Christmas Elves / Via Facebook: ChristmasElf2017

    They didn't get the shaving cream from Santa. From Christmas Elves.

    18. Batman Prank

    wvmomofsix / Via Instagram: @wvmomofsix

    Our elf friend said the Batman with George Clooney was the best one ever. From wvmomofsix.

    19. Harry Potter

    This elf is going to make some little Muggles very happy this Christmas. From Shelf the Elf.

    20. Cookies With...A Special Ingredient

    naturaldocmd / Via

    They say you should never look in the kitchen. This goes double for an elf kitchen.

    21. Cookie Butter Pigout Session


    Fun fact: There's a tiny Trader Joe's at the North Pole. Parking stinks there too.

    22. The "Have You Been Working Out?" Elf

    myelfbellybelle / Via

    If you laid off the sugar, elf, you might actually look like that! From My Elf Belly Belle.

    23. Condiments

    tail_veils / Via

    You can order these costumes from TailVeilsBoutique for $6.00.

    24. Surrounded By The Rebel Alliance

    Ween Cardillo Saundarino / Via

    This elf made the mistake of talking trash about the prequels.

    25. Darth Vader Dispensing Some Non-Holiday Magic

    Honesty, this elf thought saying George Lucas looked like Santa was a compliment! From cBattery.

    26. And This Star Wars Viewing Party

    vkmainsmith / Via

    It’s nice to see elves — and the gang from Star Wars — CAN put their differences aside, isn’t it? From vkmainsmith.

    27. Enjoying Buddy's Famous Spaghetti

    Let your elf feast on Buddy's famous spaghetti. From I Heart Naptime.

    28. Laundry Day

    chavi.m / Via

    Syrup stains. Lots and lots of syrup stains. From chavi.m.

    29. Cookie Monster Torture

    Sorry, Cookie Monster. None for you.

    30. And this Cookie Monster Interrogation

    macabeeandnoelle / Via

    "We know you ate the cookie, Cookie. Just admit it!" From Macabee and Noelle.

    31. The Sketch Artist

    Jack Dawson has nothing on this elf. From Nannersp.

    32. John and Yoko


    “Imagine all the elves, living life in peace…”

    33. Elf Twister

    leslielarch / Via

    Elves love to get silly on egg nog and play this. From leslielarch.

    34. A Brown Sugar Angel

    scoutelf_ziggy / Via

    Elves do love their sugar. From Ziggy The Elf.

    35. Hot Dog

    elfontheshelfadventures / Via

    This one is funny, but elves have learned the hard way not to do it around a hungry Santa. #RIPSparky. From Elf on the Shelf Adventures.

    36. Magic Trick

    macabeeandnoelle / Via

    The Magnificent Macabee is indeed magnificent, but don’t bring up that one time he messed up at Santa’s Birthday party. #RIPSugarplumMary From macabeeandnoelle.

    37. Trapped Under A Glass

    elfontheshelfadventures / Via

    Making this an even worse situation? This elf has to pee. From Elf on the Shelf Adventures.

    38. Lego Elf

    _theelf_onthe_shelf_ / Via

    Am I wrong to worry the Lego Elf is going to kill them in their sleep? From The Adventures of Alfie and Poppy the Elves.

    39. Silly String

    myelfbellybelle / Via

    This elf was mad to learn the silly string was not, in fact, made of cotton candy. From The yearly shenanigans of Belly Belle.

    40. WWE(lf)

    rma222 / Via

    Hulkamania got nothing on Elfamania. From RMA Photography Detroit.

    41. Bean Boozled

    Facebook: SmartyTheElf

    They totally got "barf," didn't they? From Smarty the Elf.

    42. The Little Drummer Boy

    Meet Ringo the Elf. From Frugal Coupon Living.

    43. Building A Gingerbread House

    macabeeandnoelle / Via

    If you surprise your kids with a finished Gingerbread House the next morning they will really be amazed! From macabeeandnoelle.

    44. The Downward Dog

    thehowardsgotelfed / Via

    Relieving all of the Christmas season stress. From The Howards Got Elfed.

    45. Magic Carpet Ride

    From Enza's Bargains. Find the easy how-to here.

    46. Visiting The Little Elves's Room

    bellatheelf / Via

    Fun fact: Elf bathrooms actually smell wonderful! From Bella The Elf.

    47. School Is In Session

    Elves are known to be short with their students. From A Small Snippet.

    48. Gingerbread Eating Contest

    TheHowardsGotElfed / Via

    Joey Chestnut has nothing on these elves. From The Howards Got Elfed.

    49. The Nail Salon

    brummiejo / Via

    Tiny nails need care too. From brummiejo.

    50. Golfing

    peachyparade / Via

    Don't call it miniature golf if you don't want to offend your elf. From Peachy Parade.

    51. Roasting Marshmallows

    x_meplustwo_x / Via

    The elf here isn't sure how to break it to Barbie that she is on the naughty list. From x_meplustwo_x.

    52. Teenage Mutant Ninja...oranges?

    littlemonstersandme / Via

    You can do this one with apples too. From Little Monsters and Me.

    53. Emoji Cookie Party

    glitchgirl2 / Via

    Kids love emojis, and kids love cookies, so this one is sure to be a hit! From glitchgirl2.

    54. Gift Exchange


    Hanging with their pal, Mensch on a Bench.

    55. Lawnmower Prank

    scout_ourcheekyelf / Via

    You'd get mad if he weren't so darn cute! From Scout Our Cheeky Elf.

    56. Minecraft

    definingfabulous / Via

    This elf probably isn't watching everything your kid is doing. From Defining Fabulous.

    57. Photo Frame Prank

    Fun fact: Elves don't say "Cheese!" when they take a photo. They say, "Sugar!"

    58. Snap! Elf! and Pop!

    laurenahermann / Via

    Now that is one sugary cereal. From laurenahermann.

    59. Elf In A Balloon

    If your kids ask how the elf got in there, the answer is "magic." But if you want to know, click here.

    60. Marshmallow Igloo

    rookster17 / Via

    It'll keep your elf warm, and if they get hungry they can take a bite! From rookster17.

    61. Sledding

    elfontheshelf_chippie / Via

    Sledding...the number one cause of elf injuries. From Chippie the Scout Elf.

    62. The Classic Wrapped Toilet Prank

    abel_and_ezra / Via

    "Merry, uh, Christmas!" From abel_and_ezra.

    63. The Mechanic

    Newmantube / Via

    Truth be told, elves are terrible mechanics — they try to fix everything with sugar. From Newmantube.

    64. Hammock Nap

    niljgrim / Via

    And to think the elves at the North Pole are working double shifts to get all the toys ready! From niljgrim.

    65. Netflix and Chill

    BuzzFeed Parents

    They'll start Frosty the Snowman, but they won't finish it.

    66. Elf In A Jar

    chrissykelly16 / Via

    Do your kids whine about not being able to touch the elf? Well, if you put your elf in a jar they can “safely” carry them around with them! From chrissykelly16.

    67. Photo Booth

    Say "Sugar!" From Living Locurto.

    68. Lemonade Stand

    Tricia_flinn / Via

    Just a warning..this lemonade is VERY sweet. From Tricia_Flinn.

    69. Hot Air Balloon And Underwear Basket

    Your kid will get a good laugh upon seeing their underwear in the air.

    70. Sack Race

    _theelf_onthe_shelf_ / Via

    Wow, really poor showing from Thor. From _theelf_onthe_shelf_.

    71. Spider-Elf

    lisadm1973 / Via

    This elf's got a red suit just like Spidey. Coincidence? I think not.

    72. The Mummy

    taj22 / Via

    Dig the dad joke (or is that a mom joke?) here! From taj22.

    73. Joining The Scooby-Doo Mystery Gang

    heartofvikkilee / Via

    The Grinch is like, "And I would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for those damn kids!" From heartofvikkilee.

    74. Movie Night

    elfingaround / Via

    This one is fun — tell your kids you will have a movie night that night, then enjoy the candy and popcorn in the display once you start the movie! From Elfing Around.

    75. The "Clean Your Damn Room, Kid!"

    gemmafinnkill / Via

    You can try something like this when your kids REALLY need to clean their rooms. Genius! From gemmafinnkill.

    76. Toast Homes

    allison_kipling / Via

    Low-cost elf housing. From allison_kipling.

    77. Drag Race

    allison_kipling / Via

    Hopefully they stay away from "Dead Elf's Curve." From allison_kipling.

    78. Going Bananas

    alexismiller_ltd / Via

    Another option: draw minions on the bananas! From alexismiller_ltd.

    79. Got Pringles?

    jack_the_elf_01 / Via

    Sour cream and onions is good, but elves really love the “syrup and candy canes” flavored Pringles. From jack_the_elf_01.

    80. Karate

    thecrazyanticsofzigsyandfofo / Via

    Word of warning kid — touching your elf won't turn out well for you. From The crazy antics of Zigsy and Fofo the Christmas Elves.

    81. Purse Thief

    heartofvikkilee / Via

    This elf needs the money to feed his bad peppermint bark habit. From heartofvikkilee.

    82. Laying Out At The Beach

    bruleeandrudolph / Via

    These elves ain’t never going back to the North Pole. From Brulee Mistletoe and Rudolph Red.

    83. Working Out

    vspsouthbay / Via

    He's the only elf in the gym — the rest are off eating cookies. From Velocity Sports Performance.

    84. Water Skiing

    hollymarie34 / Via

    Elves don't only snow ski, you know. From hollymarie34.

    85. Christmas Vacation

    jheart66 / Via

    Hey, it's Cousin Elfie!

    86. Rave Elves

    ashnichol80 / Via

    If your kids ask why these elves are sucking on pacifiers, change the subject. From ashnichol80.

    87. Snowball Fight

    tillie_n_toodles_elf_adventure / Via

    Sorry, elf, but my money's on Olaf. From Tillie & Toodles Elf on the Shelf.

    88. Copy Machine Hijinks

    rubys_elf_buddy / Via

    “Elsa and the Elfster, makin' copies!”From Ruby's Elf Buddy.

    89. Zip Line

    elfsheldon / Via

    "Yippee ki-yay!" From Sheldon the Elf.

    90. The Bathroom Prankster

    sewmanypossibilities / Via

    Elves should think twice before pulling this trick, though. Given a choice between wiping with tape or an elf, I’d choose the elf. From Sew Many Possibilities.

    91. DJ Sweet Beats

    Twitter: @elfontheshelf

    Spinning only Christmas music, of course. From Elf On The Shelf.

    92. Underwear Thief / Via

    Guaranteed to get your kids giggling. From

    93. Seriously Under Attack

    van_westend_mom / Via

    Man, what did this elf do to upset ALL of those Legos? From van_westend_mom.

    94. Googly Eyes

    christmaself_2017 / Via

    Give your kids a thrill when they open the fridge. From christmaself_2017.

    95. Making Pancakes

    nikjgrim / Via Instagram: @nikjgrim

    True story: This elf used to date Aunt Jemima before they changed the bottle. From nikjgrim.

    96. "Be Good"

    ohmandie / Via

    And if your kids ARE good, they can eat the candy! From ohmandie.

    97. Poker Night

    d.shoe / Via

    The guilty look on the elf’s face? He’s counting cards. From d.shoe.

    98. Kissing Booth

    ocamorena360 / Via

    Now THOSE are some sweet kisses. From ocamorena360.

    99. Sick In Bed

    tortoiseandhound / Via

    As all elves know, he will be better ASAP if he has a bowl of warm syrup. From tortoiseandhound.

    100. And Then The Perfect Goodbye

    gloriatheelf / Via

    Until next year, elf buddy! From Gloria the Elf.