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The 24 Most Rhode Island Things To Ever Happen

"Neither a road nor an island." #ThatsSoRhody

1. The Big Blue Bug enjoying an Awful-Awful.

2. This rude awakening on Thayer Street.

3. This helpful bear safety demo on the evening news.

4. This tattoo of the state’s only area code.

5. The time someone cut someone else off.

6. This revolutionary drink, made on honor and SOLD ON MERIT.

7. These statues of Mr. Potato Head.

Level of Rhode Island: Shopping at Ocean State Job Lot.

8. The time Dunkin' Donuts bought the Providence Civic Center.

9. Alan Shawn Feinstein at the Roger Williams Park Carousel with his entire extended family.

10. The time Pauly D spun live at the Rhode Island Car Show.

11. This wedding at Haven Brothers Diner.

12. The Dancing Cop.

13. Big Nazo playing in the Providence Honk Festival.

14. This man eating Iggy's clam cakes on the news.

15. This man letting it loose in Woonsocket.

16. This gentle reminder about parking etiquette.

17. This surprise pot hole.

18. This section of the grocery store.

19. The First Baptist Church cleverly recruiting.

20. This sign.

21. The Cardi brothers dancing to "Gangnam Style."

22. This Del's Lemonade Truck Christmas ornament.

23. Family Guy.

24. And that time that the former mayor of Providence had a criminal record, a radio show, and a successful line of tomato sauce.

Level of Rhode Island: Spotting former Providence mayor David Cicilline at a Cher concert.