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    19 Things You Need To Eat In Liverpool Right Now

    Because there's more to this great city than football and tracksuits.

    1. Fish and chips from the Bridewell.

    Flickr: norio-nakayama

    We all know northern fish and chips is better than what you can get in the south, but this effort really does need sampling ASAP when you're next knocking around Liverpool One. The Bridewell's also a former prison, which is a rather unique talking point on top of the great food.

    2. Any pizza from TriBeCa.

    3. The Triple Nom burger from Almost Famous.

    4. Pan Asian cuisine at Matou.

    5. Top notch tuna at Etsu.

    6. Soul Cafe for a toastie and milkshake brunch.

    7. Big Bowl Noodle for Chinese ribs.

    8. Indian at Yukti.

    9. Mexican street food at Lucha Libre.

    10. Cute desserts at The Art School Restaurant.

    11. The vegetarian breakfast at Greendays.

    12. Get your tapas on at Neon Jamon.

    13. Soup and a sandwich at Lox and Caper.

    14. The street food at Mowgli.

    15. Afternoon tea at the Moon and Pea.

    ...specifically their caramel chocolate cheesecake.

    16. The Lebanese delights of Bakchich.

    17. Full-on plates of meat at Slim's Pork Chop Express.

    18. Moose Coffee's Eggs Benedict... with a twist.

    19. A roast at The Fat Budgie.

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