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    43 Reasons Liverpool Is Better Than London

    Ever thought of swapping the South for the North?

    1. Not only does Liverpool look absolutely stunning from afar...

    2. ... its architecture is also gorgeous when you get up close.

    3. Liverpool has some lovely waterfront views...

    4. ... some incredible pizzas...

    5. ... and real-life, actual beaches.

    6. It has given birth to some famous faces over the years.

    7. Which means it's filled with world-famous landmarks.

    8. It's full of sporting history...

    9. ... but there's also a close-knit footballing community.

    10. You'll struggle to find anywhere as fun and full-of-character as the Albert Dock.

    11. And once you've had a drink at Some Place, you won't want to drink anywhere else again.

    12. There are countless iconic venues in Liverpool.

    13. Meaning there's a huge love for music across the city.

    14. And Matthew Street is a hugely popular destination.

    15. The burgers at Almost Famous are frankly unbeatable.

    16. There's always something cultural going on...

    17. ...which means things get a bit crazy sometimes.

    18. And let's not forget that Liverpool was crowned European Capital of Culture in 2008.

    19. Did you know statistically Liverpool is one of the safest places to live in the UK?

    20. Liverpool Cathedral's interior is second to none.

    21. Not forgetting the Metropolitan Cathedral, of course.

    22. Liverpool Tate > London Tate.

    23. And a trip to the Walker Art Gallery always makes for an interesting day out.

    24. Aintree Racecourse is alright too.

    25. And FACT's a great place to experience cinema differently.

    26. The Liverpool Philharmonic Hall is one of the best music venues in the UK.

    27. And it's near a decent-looking pub, too.

    28. There are plenty of quaint, traditional places to eat.

    29. And the likes of Matou offer amazing views as you eat.

    30. Camp and Furnace is an eclectic spot to visit, whatever the occasion.

    31. Shopping's made easy at Liverpool ONE.

    32. Sefton Park's an enticing prospect.

    33. And there are interesting cultural remains dotted around the city to be found.

    34. Banksy visits now and then.

    35. The awe-inspiring Museum of Liverpool has this staircase.

    36. Of course, the Radio City tower stands out...

    37. ...and the Maritime Museum is always worth a visit.

    38. Christmastime is great for the festive markets.

    39. The Santa Dash's popular as well.

    40. Liverpudlians don't fret when there's a bit of snow.

    41. But then again, our summertime festivals are quite the spectacle too.

    42. Impressively, Liverpool is home to the oldest Chinese community in Europe.

    43. Not bad really, is it?

    Correction: Image 7 was previously a picture of Abbey Road in London. It now shows Penny Lane in Liverpool. Oops.