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    The 10 Most Populous Countries To Never Win An Olympic Medal

    There are 204 recognized National Olympic Committees competing biennially in the winter and summer games. But over 425 million people worldwide can say they've never seen their country take home a single medal.

    10) Cambodia (Population - 14,701,717)

    The Southeast Asian Kingdom of Cambodia has had a spotty participation record in the summer Olympics. London will serve as their eighth time in the field despite their first appearance coming all the way back in 1956.

    Best Shot At A Medal: Sorn Davin will offer Cambodia their first foray into Women's Taekwondo after impressive efforts in pre-Olympic qualifiers.

    9) Malawi (Population - 15,879,252)

    NOOR KHAMIS / Reuters

    Malawi had hopes for a medal in Beijing when swimmer Charlton Nyirenda won his heat in the Men's 50m, but he fell well short of the full field. He'll return to the pool in London, but isn't expected to be in the hunt for a medal.

    Best Shot At A Medal: Aside from Nyirenda, Malawi's best hope will probably be men's marathon runner Mike Tebulo who ran a personal best at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi.

    8) Burkina Faso (Population - 16,751,455)

    Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

    Debuting in 1972 as Upper Volta and then re-emerging in 1988, Burkina Faso has sent a delegation to seven Olympic games. In 2008, Burkinabe runner Aissata Soulama reached the semi-finals in the Women's 400m Hurdles.

    Best Shot At A Medal: As a nation with a strong background in track and field events, Burkina Faso will send Gerard Kobeane and Marthe Koala who will compete in the Men's 100m and the Women's 100m Hurdles respectively.

    7) Angola - (Population - 18,498,000)

    With strong roots in basketball and handball the African nation of Angola will look to bring home their first Olympic medal in their eighth trip to the games.

    Best Shot At A Medal: Tumba Silva will enter the Men's Heavyweight Boxing event after learning under the tutelage of former world super-middleweight champion Chris Eubank.

    6) Madagascar - (Population - 21,926,221)

    Madagascar can claim one of the longer streaks without having won an Olympic medal with ten appearances at the summer games under their belt. Their best shot at taking home an Olympic prize came in the 2000 when they sent 10 athletes, including seven track and field participants, to Sydney.

    Best Shot At A Medal: Madagascar will be rooting for two long distance runners with 3,000m steeplechaser Marie Eliane Saholinirina and Ali Kamé, who won gold in the decathlon at the African Championship earlier this year.

    5) Yemen (Population: 24,133,492)

    STR / Reuters

    Despite having had track and field athletes in every Olympiad since their debut in 1984, Yemen will have no such representation in London. The country has never placed within reasonable striking distance of a medal.

    Best Shot At A Medal: All of Yemen's Olympic hopes will fall squarely on the shoulders of their lone particpant, Tameem Al-Kubati. He will compete in the Men's Taekwondo.

    4) Nepal (Population - 29,391,883)

    Nepal has the dubious designation as the most populous nation to compete in both the winter and summer games and still be medal-less. Many Nepalese would probably be quick to point out that they do have one bronze medal. Unfortunately it came in taekwondo at the Seoul Olympics, when that sport was still only in exhibition.

    Best Shot At A Medal: Prasiddha Jung Shah is a promising swimming talent despite a strong field of competition in the Men's 50m Freestyle.

    3) Myanmar (Population - 53,999,804)

    The beleaguered nation first participated as Myanmar in 1992 after 40 years of flying the Burmese flag at the Olympics. Since then the Republic of the Union of Myanmar or the Union of Burma, depending on who you ask, has not added a single medal to their tally.

    Best Shot At A Medal: Nay Myo Aung will look to avenge his first round exit in the 2008 games while competing in the Men's Singles Archery event.

    2) Democratic Republic of Congo (Population - 71,712,867)

    Jae C. Hong / AP

    In their eight total Olympic appearances the DRoC has sent over 60 ultimately futile participants to the summer games. Historically their best showings have come in track events.

    Best Shot At A Medal: 18 year old Cedric Mandembo Kebika will hit the Men's Judo event after a strong showing in a world class tournament in Rio de Janeiro only a few weeks back.

    1) Bangladesh (Population - 158,570,535)

    Making their first Olympic appearance in 1984 after boycotting the Moscow games in 1980, Bangladesh is the most populous country to never win an Olympic medal. One of the most densely populated nations in the world, Bangladesh is comprised of 55,813 square miles, which means it's 158 million people share a country roughly the same size as Iowa.

    Best Shot At A Medal: U.S. born Syque Caesar is a dark horse in Artistic Gymnastics after winning a silver medal in the South Asian Championships.

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