M. McManus
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    • M. McManus

      What I’m most disappointed in is the almost pathetic state of the Foreign Relations Committee. This points to a larger issue that it’s the round the clock campaign mode that is more important, so we have folks like Johnson, Paul, Rubio, Barbarossa, etc. that really have not much in the way of knowledge of how DoD and State Dept. works, how they coordinate, and what the issues that they need help with. The Congress unfortunately has been in this infinite campaign mode, so we no longer see a building knowledge base related to Americas most vital interests. Sen. Johnson imminently demonstrated his lack of maturity in such regards. Unfortunately Sen. McCain did the same but it was more bizarre than even Sen. Johnson’s performance. We need to remind these folks that their job is to do our bidding…. not theirs in getting re-elected. I must say this is the worst that I’ve seen our composite knowledge in Congress on issues of Defense and Foreign Policy over past 30 years or so. At what point will we stand up with enough force to say that this is not only wrong, but it really is childish to see that we have allowed our view of the role of US Foreign Policy to be so diminished that we would even consider clowns such as these to inhabit this committee?

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