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    The Wackiest Things That Happened At Super Bowl Media Day

    Super Bowl media day looks like it was a blast for everyone involved.

    Former Miss Universe contestant turned Televisa reporter Marisol Gonzalez showed up with hats and danced with the players

    Sergio Brown was given a bra during his interview with Ciara from 'The Insider'

    Ciara interviewed football players with this microphone

    Tiquan Underwood showed up with this haircut

    Former NBC Sports Chairman Dick Ebersol showed up with this hairline

    Bill Belichick...actually, just being being Bill Belichick

    Television host Katie Daryl posed for a picture with her weird camera-fan finger hybrid device

    The Giants' kickers had trouble posing for the team picture

    Victor Cruz did an official media interview in one of the sombreros

    Tom Brady had an OK time...

    Tom Brady's lookalike had an awesome time!!!