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    What Is Wrong With Peyton Manning's Forehead?

    Does anyone know what is happening here? Is this a side effect of neck surgeries?

    Before Sunday's game between the Broncos and the Patriots, it became clear that something weird was going on with Peyton Manning's head.

    ... / AP

    Remember this photo was taken BEFORE THE GAME. So it's not even like he would have been wearing his helmet a ton leading up to this.

    By the time the fourth quarter rolled around it was still purple.

    ... / AP

    Like "Maybe my helmet is three sizes too small" purple.

    ... / AP

    At one point, he took some smelling salts to the (purple) dome, but I don't think that was to cure his magenta head.

    ... / AP
    ... / AP

    Seriously, does anyone know what is happening here?

    • Is this the first stage of an elaborate face tattoo?

    • Did Peyton fall asleep at a party and have someone put their balls on his head, only to discover Peyton is allergic to balls?

    • Is a horn about to pop through his forehead, making him the world's second unicorn/quarterback? (History has erased Otto Graham's horn from our memories, but some of us know the truth.)

    If you know what's going on here, please tell me. I need answers.